Keith Lee May WWE Heel
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If Vince McMahon does not change his mind, then Keith Lee is going to be pushed like a monster sized WWE heel. Also, Charlotte Flair on the conversation that led to Andrade wanting to leave WWE to eventually sign with AEW

Keith Lee May Become Monster WWE Heel

In NXT, Keith Lee made it to the top of the roster as their World Champion. Eventually, he moved over to the main roster with mixed results. 

Initially, Lee was given a nice start on RAW. He quickly entered into a program with Randy Orton and even pinned him clean.

Then, Lee was removed from TV without any explanation. There were plenty of rumors about why, such as COVID, but he remained silent.

In a video on social media, he explained that something was off in his bloodwork and heart. The doctors did what needed to be done and Lee has returned.

As for TV appearances, not much from Lee. Although, he has been working a bunch of dark matches.

In some of those matches, he is completely squashing opponents. Now, Wrestling News reports that there could be more to that story.

Vince McMahon is considering to book Lee as a monster heel. As of now, nothing is final as Vince mulls over the idea.

Of course, Lee is a big fan favorite, so WWE needs the fans to accept him as a heel. That might be the biggest hurdle to make this work.

Lee has plenty of talent, meaning he could be a major star for years to follow. WWE needs a monster heel who can also wrestle.

They have a few larger athletes, but their in-ring skills are nowhere near Lee.

Charlotte Flair – Andrade

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After not appearing on WWE TV for a while, it looked bad for Andrade. Then, as many expected, he requested his release. 

Eventually, it was granted and now he works for AEW.

While speaking with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Charlotte Flair revealed the advice she gave to Andrade. Basically, she was a great support system who encouraged he do what was best.

“When Manny [Andrade] asked me back in March, he felt deflated from not being on TV and what was happening,” said Charlotte. “‘What should I do? Tell me.’”

“I was like, ‘I can’t tell you what to do and I can’t beg you to stay, even though our life is together on the road because you’ll resent me. You need to spread your wings and do what you need to do.” 

“If you want to come back, I’ll always be here and I’ll always support you.’”

For those unaware, Charlotte and Andrade are engaged. No word on when the wedding will be.

Charlotte is doing her thing in WWE, where she continues to collect more titles. And, Andrade is being better featured in AEW as he works a program with PAC.