John Cena Makes Another Wish Come True And The Make-A-Wish Video Goes Viral

John Cena Make a Wish Foundation
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WWE wrestler John Cena loves granting wishes for the Make a Wish Foundation. And Cena’s latest effort caught on video have gone viral this week.

Cena’s Latest Make A Wish Goes Viral

As mentioned in the Tweet, Cena granted more than 650 wishes since 2004. And his latest wish grant actually led to a viral video.

Cena met up with a fan after this week’s episode of SmackDown Live

Fans are loving the fact that John Cena has granted so many wishes over the years. And it seems the wrestler does not think of stopping at all.

Of course, the viral video does come at a good time for Cena. After all, the wrestler is currently playing Peacemaker in the latest edition of Suicide Squad.

In spite of his busy schedule, Cena still makes time for the fans who love and support him. We loved this video, and we hope there will be even more in the future.

Record Keeper

Charity WWE

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Interestingly, Cena holds the record of most wishes granted for the Make a Wish Foundation charity. 

The connection between John Cena and the foundation dates back to 2004 when the wrestler granted his first wish.

Over the years, Cena has been praised for his charity work by numerous big wrestling names including current AEW commentator and advisor Jim Ross.

“Cena was special, even then [2006] on his Make-A-Wish, he believed in it. A lot of guys we would go to, to do Make-A-Wishes didn’t have John’s commitment. Some of them would tell me ‘it’s just too hard for me’, ‘I have children’, ‘I think what it’d be like if they were my kids.’ Cena didn’t have any kids, so he had a little buffer there but it affected him and I’ve seen it affect him. I’ve always admired John for many things but his commitment to the Make-A-Wish kids, these terminally ill children was really really special.”

What Wishes Has Cena Granted?


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Cena has granted an incredible amount of wishes over the years and is the record holder of most wishes granted.

For the most part, Cena has granted meet and greets for Make-A-Wish.

In the beginning, it started with wrestling fans, but it has now expanded to movie fans.

Even during the pandemic, Cena continued to grant wishes for the foundation. And, he has done loads of other charity work as well.

Cena does not get enough credit for his charitable works. Unfortunately, some are also skeptical about it, believing Cena only does it for the promotion.

However, Cena has been quite generous wish his wealth and fame over the years, even when there was no publicity to be had. 

During one instance, Cena paid for a veteran’s shopping at a store. Obviously, this was a chance encounter with no cameras or publicity present at the time.

The only reason that story came out was because of a relative of the man, who took to social media to tell the story. So, it shows Cena has a heart as big as gold.

People will always be skeptical about celebrity charity, but we should also realize that the world would be a much darker place without people like John Cena.

Yes, John may be ambitious, but he certainly remembers where he comes from.

 Cena should be celebrated for his efforts, especially after 650 wishes over a relatively short period of time. 

What Is The Make-A-Wish Foundation?

John Cena Make a Wish Foundation

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a charitable organization focusing on critically or terminally ill children. 

Make-A-Wish believes that putting a smile on children’s faces can make a huge difference. By granting wishes, the foundation believes they can play a huge part in a child’s treatment.

The foundation is present all across the world, with affiliates in Europe, the UK and more. Countless wishes have been granted since its inception.

Make-A-Wish grants a huge amount of wishes to children every day. There are certain types of wishes that are more common than others.

Meeting your childhood hero is one of the wishes that commonly occurs for the foundation. Naturally, Cena has been one of the people who many children wanted to meet.

Other celebrities have also been involved with the foundation including Aaron Rodgers, Michael J. Fox, and Toby Keith.

Make-A-Wish Rules 


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For a wish to be granted, candidates must meet certain criteria. 

First, children must be at least three years old to be eligible for Make a Wish.

Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children with both terminal and critical illnesses. These illnesses include but are not limited to childhood cancers, leukemia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and more.

Parents or guardians who want to arrange a wish for their child can do so on the charity’s website. Once the wish has been approved, a clinician will have to approve it as well. Of course, before the wish takes place, parents must give their consent to the charity. 

Richard K. Davis, President and CEO of Make-A-Wish America shared his appreciation for Cena with Forbes magazine, “John Cena has been kind enough to dedicate his incredibly valuable time and talent to grant more than 600 wishes over the years, witnessing time and time again the long-lasting impact that a wish can have on families and children with critical illnesses, even years after the wish has been granted. Some families even credit the wish with helping their child overcome their illness.”

Cheers to John Cena for granting so many wishes to children. Keep up the good work!

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