Chris Jericho Reacts To WWE Releases With Powerful Social Media Post

AEW Chris Jericho responds to WWE releases
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AEW wrestler Chris Jericho is believed to have responded to recent WWE releases in a rather powerful social media message. With it, Jericho supports the fact AEW is here to stay.

“Best Pro Wrestling Company,” Jericho Responds To WWE Releases

AEW Chris Jericho responds to WWE releases

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Top AEW star Chris Jericho responded to the recent WWE releases on his social media. Of course, the response seems to be completely in support of his company.

Fans believe that the response indirectly addresses the WWE releases given the timing. 

Numerous fans reacted to the post. Some even talked about the reasons why they stopped supporting the WWE. This response from @ZombieJesus I found particularly apt.

His response is quite accurate. To this date, 110 wrestlers were released over a period of two years.

Only 18% of these released wrestlers were offered contracts with other companies. Therefore, the statement that all released wrestlers automatically go to AEW is far from accurate. 

Most recently, another 12 wrestlers were released by WWE. Some of the names included Kone Reeves and Bobby Fish.

Top Talent Joins AEW

Daniel Bryan

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Rumors are currently going around that more top talent will join AEW. Obviously, two of the biggest names include Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

Jericho has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors in a recent interview. He was even quite supportive of CM Punk as a possible addition.

“Well, I mean, the short answer is, ‘Of course.’ I mean, he’s one of the few guys out there that has has this mythology surrounding him because he hasn’t wrestled so long.”

“Take Punk out of the equation. Sting is with us now. Edge is back in WWE. Christian is with us. But you take, other than that, guys who haven’t wrestled for a long time, he’s probably at the top of the list, unless you’re going to throw Steve Austin in there and you know Steve’s not going to come back.”

The numbers are also in favor of the WWE. After all, the company managed to capture over a million viewers for four weeks straight.

Chris Jericho also stated AEW does not see the WWE as competition in spite of that.

“The whole time with the NXT versus AEW war, which ended in a total abysmal failure for NXT. WWE is not competition for us. We’re competition for ourselves. So for Vince to say that – to me, it’s probably reverse psychology and that he does see us as competition.”

Well, the recent numbers are certainly validation for the people who started AEW up. After all, they had to deal with a lot of skepticism in the wrestling world.

WWE ruled on its own for the longest time. Nobody believed anyone could get on their level.

With over a million viewers and a growing fanbase, AEW proved that those skeptics were very wrong.

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