Chris Jericho Celebrates Debut Anniversary, We Celebrate With Him

Chris Jericho Debut Anniversary WWE/AEW
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AEW star Chris Jericho took to social media this week to celebrate his RAW debut anniversary. To celebrate alongside the G.O.A.T., we picked out some of Jericho’s best moments.

Chris Jericho’s Debut


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Since Chris Jericho is celebrating his debut anniversary, this overview would be incomplete without his actual RAW debut. 

Take a look:

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Jericho was already an established wrestler before he made his debut on RAW. This much is clear when you listen to the crowd response.

Before going to the WWE, Jericho had spent years on the indie circuit. In fact, he had spent time in WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling at this point already.

As we now know, Chris Jericho went on to have one of the biggest wrestling careers of his generation. And, Chris Jericho is still wrestling today.

Chris Jericho can proudly celebrate his 22nd RAW debut anniversary. We are sure that Jericho will have more special moments to come. 

To this day, Jericho’s debut is one of the biggest crowd pops in wrestling history. And given the career he had so far, you cannot really blame them.

Chris Jericho Holds Two Titles

Chris Jericho Debut Anniversary AEW/WWE

Source: Screenshot. YouTube

During the Monday Night Wars, nobody could imagine a wrestler holding both titles simultaneously. But this is exactly what Chris Jericho did.

When WCW lost the war against WWE, Vince McMahon ended up buying the company. Of course, this brought some interesting opportunities for the rival title. 

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To do something with both titles, the WWE came up with the so-called “Undisputed Champion.” The fight for this title included Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, The Rock, and Chris Jericho.

In the end, Chris Jericho would defeat Stone Cold. Obviously, he did not beat him clean as he could count on some interference from Booker T.

Jericho would use this moment in time for years to come. In fact, he regularly reminded people he beat both Stone Cold and The Rock in the same match.

Chris Jericho Is The AEW Champion

Inner Circle

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Chris Jericho may be celebrating his RAW debut anniversary, but the former champion is currently working for rival promotion AEW. And he had some amazing moments since his AEW debut!

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Jericho became the inaugural AEW Champion after beating Hangman Adam Page. From then, he became one of the biggest attractions on the then-indie promotion.

Since winning the title, there has been no stopping Jericho. In fact, he still runs one of the biggest and most successful factions in AEW’s short history.

As the leader of the Inner Circle and the self-declared Demo God, Chris Jericho is still as great as the day he debuted on RAW. 

Chris Jericho spent 182 days as the AEW Champion. But even during his title reign, he put plenty of young talent over, including Jungle Boy.

Eventually, Chris’ popularity was clear for everyone to see. So, he made the move from heel to fan favorite.

But in spite of no longer being a full heel persona, Jericho still flirts with the line between good and evil. And let’s face it, this is the way we like Jericho most.

The Festival of Friendship

Chris Jericho RAW Debut Anniversary AEW/WWE

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Another RAW moment to celebrate the debut anniversary of Chris Jericho. Of course, you may already guessed that I’m talking about the Festival of Friendship.

The Festival of Friendship was an event organized by the G.O.A.T. He did so to honor his friendship with the Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

Only Owens was sick of Jericho and decided to turn on the wrestler during his lovely surprise. To this day, the Festival of Friendship is talked about.

Ironically, the Festival of Friendship is one of the reasons why Chris Jericho left for AEW. In fact, Chris was disgruntled with the spot their feud got during the following pay-per-view.

But in the end, it all worked out for the best. Chris went on to bigger and better things. In fact, the Vegas themed Festival of Friendship came back on AEW.

When MJF was a member of the Inner Circle, the guys did a special in Vegas. And those who paid attention certainly noticed some similarities with the Festival of Friendship.

But in the end, the Vegas special was just bigger, better and even more ridiculous. So, who are we to complain?

Chris Jericho Versus Chyna


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Jericho had feuds with some of the all-time greats including some female competitors.

One of the most memorable feuds of Chris Jericho’s career was his feud with Chyna. Nowadays, an intergender feud is a lot harder to find.

Despite the huge success of the feud, Jericho would say the following about his historical feud.

“I worked with her 3 PPVs in a row. I’ll never forget the night in Detroit for the Intercontinental Championship. It was me vs. Chyna and they put her over on me, and I just couldn’t believe they would do that. Like, Really? I came in with so much steam. Now, you’re having me lose to Chyna. Vince had even asked me beforehand, like, ‘I’m going to have you work with Chyna. You don’t have any aversions to working with a woman, do you?’ I said no, not at all. If this is what you want, obviously, they’re pushing her as more than just a woman, then, let’s do it. I just couldn’t believe they her over on me. But they did, and I think we had a very good match that night. The problem was the crowd didn’t buy the fact that she beat me, and they booed her. And that was a real big problem that they booed Chyna.”

The feud between Jericho and Chyna is counted as some of the most advanced in wrestling history. After all, the woman came out looking strong.

If held today, Chyna would have been hailed as a hero instead of booed. Unfortunately, she is yet to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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