AEW Adam Cole Contract
Source: WrestleZone, Twitter, Screenshot

AEW is all business as they apparently offered Adam Cole a contract. Also, Sheamus on the heat he took after becoming WWE Champion so quickly. 

AEW Reportedly Offered Adam Cole A Contract

To the surprise of many, including the WWE, the contract for Adam Cole is up very soon. He verbally agreed to stick around until at least TakeOver 36 in a few weeks.

Currently, Cole will either re-sign with WWE or take his business to AEW. Clearly, both companies want him.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned that Cole is still weighing his options. Also, they said AEW has made an offer while he continues to talk with WWE.

Cole joined NXT several years back and was instantly inserted into the main event picture. At the same time, he also established the Undisputed Era.

Up until March of this year, the group was tight-knit. Then, Cole turned on Kyle O’Reilly and the group went their separate ways.

AEW has shown they have no problem going after WWE talent. The past year as seen WWE release some popular names, with some signing with AEW.

AEW Continues To Secure Former WWE Superstars 

Last month saw rising stars Malakai Black and Andrade become all elite. Also, AEW has brought in veterans like Mark Henry, Big Show and Sting.

AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker, who dates Cole, was recently asked if  he was headed to AEW. Baker would not state, but said she was happy whatever he decides.

The timing of Cole’s current deal with WWE is very interesting. He has been feuding with O’Reilly for six months now and they each have a victory over the other.

At Takeover 36, they will again meet in what could be the end of their feud. If Cole does not re-sign by the time the show begins, there is a good chance he loses on his way.

Sheamus Heat

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When Sheamus first arrived on the main roster, few fans knew who he was. Like many other talent brought up from developmental, he needed to prove himself.

Sheamus debuted on the ECW brand, before switching over to RAW less than a year later. Then, he was quickly inserted into a WWE Championship match against John Cena.

At TLC, the two battled in a Tables Match. Sheamus and Cena were fighting on the top rope, when the champion went crashing through a table below.

The bell rang and Sheamus’ first title was the WWE Championship. Fans thought the sport was botched, but the right person walked out with the gold.

As you can imagine, the quick rise also brought Sheamus heat. While speaking on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Sheamus went over the disdain he felt.

“People were definitely not stoked,” said Sheamus. “There was a lot of people who were pissed off with the situation that happened.” 

“A lot of guys had been there for years and never had that opportunity. The fact that when I won [laughs], the heat!” 

“The heat! So much heat, mate, so much heat.” 

“So much heat I thought I was going to get sunburnt in the backstage area. But, you know, they say if you’re not getting heat you’re not doing your job right.”

It was no fluke either as Sheamus has won several titles, King of the Ring and the Royal Rumble. Currently, he hold the United States Championship. 

Although, it has been awhile since Sheamus was WWE Champion. Perhaps, he is overdue for another major title run.