WWE Wanted Impact Star, Kenny Omega Rehabbing Injury

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In a case of “you can’t always get what you want”, WWE wanted an Impact star, but he turned them down. Plus, Kenny Omega is rehabbing his injury in a unique manner.

WWE Wanted Impact Star

It seems that WWE used to get anyone it wanted…and WWE wanted an Impact star.

However, WWE could not get the Impact star.

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It is said that WWE wanted that Impact star so bad, they had plans for him on the main roster quickly.

As in, right away. That’s a major deal, when you think about it.

Many additions to the WWE roster have to go through NXT. Even former Superstars like Drew McIntyre went through NXT before returning to the main roster.

AJ Styles, for example, was one of those rare additions landing right on the main roster.

So, who was it that WWE wanted from Impact?

That would be none other than Moose.

According to Fightful, WWE was very interested in the Impact star. However, Moose ended up re-signing with Impact.

Per the report, in spite of WWE’s strong interest, the company never actually made an offer, for whatever reason.

It seems as though the offer may not have mattered much. One has to think that if Moose had been interested in WWE, he would have been sure to at least listen.

He did not, so we read into that as we wish.

There was no word on where or how Moose would have been used. Plenty of possibilities and dream matches, of course.

But, with Moose opting to stick with Impact, we won’t get to see those any time soon.

Kenny Omega Rehabbing Injury

It has been said that Kenny Omega has taken a ton of abuse, especially of late. Now, Kenny Omega is rehabbing his injury in a unique manner.

Technically, he’s sustained a few injuries that have slowed him down recently. Of course, given his work recently, injuries are just the price to be paid.

kenny omega rehabbing injury

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As is to be expected, in order to get better and keep working insane matches, Kenny Omega has been rehabbing his various injuries.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Omega’s rehabbing efforts may have been a bit creative.

Chances are, you’ve heard about stem cell treatments and platelet rich plasma therapy.

They aren’t exceedingly new or exotic anymore, but they aren’t exactly super common and frequent, either.

However, for elite athletes, making use of these treatments are more common. Top performers swear by these treatments as a means to recover from injuries faster and better than ever before.

Well, as we noted before, the wear and tear has added up on Omega. And, to get back to a healthy Kenny Omega, the AEW star has made use of both techniques.

According to feedback about his recent match on Dynamite, the stem cell therapy and PRP seem to be paying dividends.

Fans certainly seem to approve of his effort, working through injuries and all.

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