Where Is Randy Orton, What Is Wrong With Bray Wyatt?

where is randy orton
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It is a crazy time for wrestling, and WWE needs all hands on deck…so where is Randy Orton? Also, in that same thought…what is wrong with Bray Wyatt?

Where Is Randy Orton

Here’s a question I didn’t think I’d be asking a few weeks back: where is Randy Orton?

Not long ago, Orton was the reluctant team mate of Riddle, together forming the uniquely endearing team: R-K-Bro.

where is randy orton

source: custom, Sean Ross Sapp twitter screenshot

The duo was primed for a big push, with at least a shot at the RAW Tag Team Championships in the offing…perhaps at SummerSlam?

However, in the lead to Money In The Bank, Randy Orton disappeared.

Leading us to ask…where is Randy Orton?

According to a report in Fightful, Orton is currently on the Inactive/Disabled list. That is something I don’t think I knew existed within WWE.

There was no further explanation of the designation, nor any indication of what would put Randy Orton on that list.

Orton, of course, missed Money In The Bank, and has missed a number of weeks already.

The report does express that some are hopeful we could see the Viper return for the first RAW in August.

If Orton does return that soon, perhaps R-K-Bro can work itself into a big SummerSlam match?

Provided Orton is healthy and able to go, one wonders if R-K-Bro could be getting back into their push.

In his absence, Riddle has been having fun with the Viking Raiders. The Raiders have eyes on the RAW Tag Team Championships as well…so things could get interesting.

What Is Wrong With Bray Wyatt?

Speaking of missing Superstars…what is wrong with Bray Wyatt?

Wyatt, along with his alter ego, The Fiend, haven’t been seen since WrestleMania.

It was at the event where The Fiend lost to Orton…and had a bit of a falling out with Alexa Bliss.

where is bray wyatt the fiend

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Of course, Bliss continues to make use of the creepy Fiend gimmick, along with her doll, Lilly.

In the meantime, no Fiend and no Bray Wyatt.

So, what is wrong with Bray Wyatt? Why is he being kept off WWE television?

It is more than fair to ask at this point. We’ve heard for weeks that with WWE back on the road, they are looking at an “all hands on deck” approach.

And yet…with the company bringing back Goldberg and John Cena…and other stars poised to return…no Wyatt.

Heck, we are even seeing WWE botch debuts of seemingly can’t-miss NXT Superstars…all while apparently losing a couple major free agents to their competition.

Still…Wyatt is off television. So is The Fiend.

So what is wrong with Bray Wyatt?

Nothing, if you choose to believe what reports say.

Reports from PWInsider tell us that nothing is wrong with Wyatt.

His character is not believed to be kept off of television due to creative issues, and he has no heat.

So, if it is not a creative issue…then why? If the company is saving him for something…considering we have not seen him since April…it better be something good.

Again, with WWE looking to keep momentum going since they’ve returned to the road, bringing back a popular character, such as Bray Wyatt…would seem like one way to do that.

With everything heating up, WWE could probably use some combo of Bray Wyatt and The Fiend.

For now, we don’t know when…but we do look forward to it. Will either Superstar return for SummerSlam?