Vince Russo Doesn’t Want In HOF, Ex-WWE Name Signs With AEW

Vince Russo WWE HOF
Source: Vince Russo, Twitter, Screenshot

There are many legends who have yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (HOF). Vince Russo is one. He had a major impact on the company many moons ago. But it sounds as if he doesn’t want to be in the HOF, regardless.

Vince Russo Doesn’t Want In HOF

Vince Russo has had a controversial relationship with the WWE over the years. There’s no doubt that he had a hand in some incredible storylines and moments back in the day.

With that said, does he deserve a HOF nod? Some fans may say yes, others may say no.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. That’s because Russo recently noted that if he was invited to a HOF induction, he would decline it.

Vince Russo Would Just Say No To The WWE HOF

Russo recently visited My House Podcast. He was asked about a potential WWE HOF induction.

Vince admitted he would decline the invitation. He also noted that the company wouldn’t ask him in “a million years” to be part of the HOF.

One other thing he stated was that pro wrestling was “just a job” for him. He relayed that many in the HOF “lived” the business.

Russo stated he never did. He did say that he’s happy for guys like Cornette, Bischoff, and Pritchard who have been recognized.

Vince Russo also said that he doesn’t need to be validated by Vince McMahon. He went on to note that who he does need validation from, is his family.

There are many in the past whom fans “never” thought would make it in the WWE HOF. While Vince Russo seems firm about this, anything is possible when it comes to this ceremony and inductees.

Could Sonjay Dutt become a WWE HOFer, one day? Seems unlikely, considering he recently quit and jumped ship to AEW.

Ex-WWE Name Signs With AEW

WNZ reported that WWE Producer Sonjay Dutt left the company, recently. He entered this role in 2019.

Vince Russo WWE HOF

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

While news broke this past Tuesday, he quit the WWE two weeks ago.

Interestingly enough, Dutt has already signed with another company. He’s with AEW.

As per a report by PW Insider, Dutt was in Jacksonville, Florida this week for Dynamite tapings.

Dutt won’t be wrestling for the promotion, but playing a backstage role. It sounds like he’ll help coach and organize matches.

On To New Opportunities

This is a similar role to what he did in the WWE. Still, AEW is a different company, with a different work environment.

It sounds as if Dutt left his previous role, to join AEW. He’s bound to do well in this new position.

Sonjay quietly retired from in-ring action in 2017. He had Achilles surgery.

Sadly, he hasn’t been in the squared circle since. However, two years after this he did get hired on from the WWE as a producer.

Sounds like he’ll continuing with AEW, moving forward. On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we wish Sonjay Dutt all the best in this new chapter in his career.