Matt Cardona Was To Lead Nexus, Who’s Behind Nikki ASH Push?

Matt Cardona Lead Nexus
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Nexus remains to be a memorable stable within WWE history. Wade Barrett led the group initially. However, Matt Cardona (a.k.a. Zack Ryder) was slated to lead Nexus at some point in 2011. More on that story below.

Matt Cardona Was To Lead Nexus

Under Barrett, the faction targeted John Cena. After that storyline passed, the group split up.

Some stayed under Wade’s leadership, with the stable known as The Core. The others aligned with CM Punk and kept the name Nexus.

Matt Cardona recently revealed an original plan that was scrapped by the WWE on MC! True Long Island Story. According to him, the company had planned on having Zack Ryder lead the group after Punk.

CM Punk led Nexus from January 2011 to July of that year. Cardona went on to state that WWE scrapped the plans for this.

When Did Matt Cardona Find Out Plans To Lead Nexus

Apparently, he wasn’t told about the WWE’s plans around Nexus. But, it was never mentioned to him in person.

He would end up learning about this, years later. Cardona noted he never saw a script, and the idea was not presented to him.

Zack Ryder had a fairly successful run in the WWE. He began with the company in 2005 and was let go in 2020.

During those years, he held the Intercontinental Championship, United States title, and was a two-time RAW Tag Champ with Curt Hawkins. He also scored the WWE Internet Championship.

After Matt was released, he had a brief stint with All Elite Wrestling. Cardona currently works with the IMPACT Wrestling promotion.

Nikki Cross recently transitioned into a new superhero character. This has been quite successful for her, but it seems as if she has a huge fan that’s helping her push, backstage.

Who’s Behind Nikki ASH Push?

Nikki ASH has had a huge 24 hours. She won the 2021 Women’s Money in the Bank (MITB) briefcase on Sunday. Then, during Monday Night RAW, she scored the brand’s Women’s Championship.

Matt Cardona Lead Nexus

Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Most fans can agree, “she deserves it” (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)! Nikki’s hard work over the recent years has caught the eye of a major big wig at the WWE.

Who’s the official in the company encouraging the Nikki ASH push? None other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

Vinnie Mac Is High On Nikki

As per a report from Wrestling News, VKM is behind Nikki and her new gimmick. He believes there’s also a tremendous amount of potential for merchandise and community outreach for kids.

According to the report, Vince “loves” her gimmick. Basically, this persona was her idea and she’s reaping the rewards.

As well, the WWE is reportedly working on a ton of merch for this character. Nikki is more valuable with this superhero persona and brings a lot to the table.

Nikki began the transition through videos that aired during the ThunderDome days, each week. Most fans seem to love her new character.

Apparently, the gimmick was Nikki’s idea. Therefore, on behalf of WNZ, we wish her continued success!

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