Karrion Kross RAW Plans, Is Keith Lee Unhappy With WWE?

karrion kross raw plans
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For the second week in a row, the NXT Champion worked on Monday…so what are Karrion Kross’ RAW plans? Plus, is Keith Lee unhappy with WWE?

Karrion Kross RAW Plans

Now that we’ve seen him on another Monday show, we can ask-what are Karrion Kross’ RAW plans?

In reality, the better question may be…what were Karrion Kross’ RAW plans, had Jeff Hardy not tested positive for COVID?

Well, while we never wish ill on anyone…when you hear the apparent Karrion Kross RAW plans, we may all need to be thankful that Hardy was not on RAW.

According to Fightful, had Hardy been able to work RAW…WWE actually planned to have Kross lose again.

Yes, you read that correct.

A week after WWE booked their NXT Champion terribly for his RAW debut…they were apparently set to double down on stupidity and have him lose yet again.

karrion kross raw plans

source: custom, wwe twitter screen shot

Unfortunately for Hardy-but seemingly good for everyone else-Jeff tested positive for COVID and WWE had to change plans.

Instead, the company had Karrion Kross work a match against the man whom he beat for his first NXT Championship-Keith Lee.

This report is concerning for a few reasons, and ties in to the other half of our AM news.

For one thing…it’s just peculiar to see the NXT Champion booked so badly. Honestly, it wasn’t even that he lost his debut.

It was who he lost to, and how.

No disrespect to Jeff Hardy, but of late, he’s basically an enhancement talent mostly used to get guys over.

And…Kross lost an extremely short match in a fluke fashion.

If this was an impressive match against say, a top tier Superstar? The loss would not sting so much.

However, it was not…and it does.

And somehow, WWE was planning to do it again.

It is good that they didn’t…or couldn’t. Problem is…while Kross did win on Monday, he did so at the expense of someone else…

Is Keith Lee Unhappy With WWE?

Which leads us to the other question-is Keith Lee unhappy with WWE?

We don’t know…yet…but the answer might just be incoming.

As much as the above Karrion Kross booking is a head-scratcher…it pales in comparison to how the past year has gone for Keith Lee.

If you missed it, weren’t paying attention, or forgot…here is a very brief recap.

About a year ago, Lee was one of the most popular NXT Superstars.

is keith lee unhappy with wwe

source: custom, keith lee twitter screen shot

He dropped the NXT Championship to the newly arrived…Karrion Kross.

Shortly after, Lee was announced to make his ThunderDome/RAW/Main roster debut. He looked great, and could have and perhaps should have been pushed more.

But, he wasn’t. His look and theme music was changed (and it didn’t go over well).

He was sent back to the Performance Center-along with other big men-to fix some issues. That is all well and good.

Then there is 2021…where we’ve hardly seen Keith Lee at all. He has been off television for most of the year, with no rational explanation.

Keith Lee was not hurt, and though he returned a week ago, he wasn’t even re-packaged.

While I wouldn’t have been behind it, it wasn’t even like Vince kept him off television to get him in better shape. He is a big guy…but he also moves exceptionally well in the ring.

So…he lost his RAW return a week ago to Bobby Lashley. No shame in that, considering Lashley is the champ.

However, he was basically squashed, and his return was quickly overshadowed by Goldberg.

Fast forward a week, and he lost again, this time to Karrion Kross. The match was a bit better…but a second loss after months away?

That can’t go over well.

The topic was discussed via Wrestling Observer.

Following his loss, Keith Lee posted and deleted a tweet, talking about basically being off for months only to come back and be squashed.

While that was deleted, this one was not:

That also follows his sort of “welcome back” post…which you can’t help but read between the lines here.

It is going to be very interesting to watch how things unfold over the next couple weeks.

First, to see how WWE uses Keith Lee over the next couple weeks.

Second, to see what Keith Lee reveals (assuming Vince McMahon doesn’t convince him to squash the story).

My two cents? WWE is so worried about guys like Daniel Bryan or CM Punk (or maybe they aren’t?)…but meanwhile, they misuse the talents they DO have…

It is not a good look.