Jake The Snake Roberts Signs New Deal With AEW

Jake The Snake Roberts Signed New Deal With AEW
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Legendary wrestler Jake The Snake Roberts allegedly signed a new deal with AEW. This means Lance Archer will continue to have him as his manager.

Jake The Snake Roberts Signed New Deal For Two Years

Jake The Snake Roberts Signed New Deal AEW

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

According to sources, Jake Roberts will be with AEW for another two years. This stands in contrast with the original 10-week deal he signed with the promotion.

“When I originally signed with [AEW], it was for a ten week deal. At eight weeks, [a guy] comes along with some papers, ‘You need to sign these.’ I’m like, ‘What for?’ ‘Well it’s your contract.’ ‘Dude, I’ve only got two weeks left.’ ‘No, you got another year.’ ‘What?’”

Roberts revealed that his run with AEW has gone really well. In fact, it has gone so well, he was offered a new contract a couple of weeks ago.

“And then just a few weeks ago, I buzzed Tony, I said, ‘Hey, I’ve got four weeks left. What do you want me to do? I need a notice so I can start setting up my stuff’ and he says, ‘We you need to sign another piece of paper’ and I signed again and then after I signed it, I found out that it wasn’t for a year, it was for more than a year. It was for two years.”

Naturally, Jake Roberts is no longer an active wrestler. However, he does function as the manager for the Murder Hawk Monster Lance Archer.

And it seems his efforts are appreciated by Tony Khan. After all, two years worth of contract is not a small thing.

Jake Roberts Gives High Praise To Tony Khan

Tony Khan and Jake Whitehall

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

In addition to speaking about his AEW contract, Jake Roberts also talked about Tony Khan. Obviously, Jake had some very positive things to say about his boss.

“He’s such a wonderful man and he gave me my love for wrestling back. It’s great to be a part of it so for me, I’ve taken on that job — not a job, a pleasure — to keep my eyes open and see people that are struggling and go to them and try to help them.”

Jake Roberts has been with AEW for a while. Originally, he was only meant to stay on the brand for a couple of weeks.

Roberts came in to launch a new wrestler on the AEW brand, Lance Archer. However, the pair had such chemistry, the act became a massive hit.

In the end, AEW decided to keep Roberts on as a permanent fixture. With his new contract, it is likely that Roberts will stay in the picture for the Murder Hawk Monster.

Lance Archer benefited greatly from having Roberts as his proverbial mouthpiece. While the wrestler is a good talker, having Roberts on his side gave him something extra special.

Archer is also having a match this evening. In fact, he is facing IWGP US Champion Jon Moxley in a genuine Texas Deathmatch. 

Needless to say, we cannot wait to see that one unfold!

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