Eddie Guerrero Twitter Buzz, Ex-Superstar Talks Life In Prison

eddie guerrero twitter buzz
source: custom, @Cruz0881twitter screenshot

The man is a deceased WWE Hall of Famer, so why are we talking about Eddie Guerrero and his Twitter buzz? Plus, an ex-Superstar talks about life in prison.

Eddie Guerrero Twitter Buzz

Yes, Eddie Guerrero got Twitter buzz.

We know, and the whole wrestling world knows, that Latino Heat has sadly been gone since before Twitter was even really a thing.

That fact kind of makes his Twitter buzz all the more…notable. Right?

eddie guerrero twitter buzz

source: custom, @Cruz0881twitter screenshot

So, why did Eddie Guerrero have the Twitter buzz recently?

Well, for the worst of reasons and the best of reasons, as it turns out.

Social media can be both good and bad. It gives everyone a platform, on which they can share every one of their views-the good and the bad.

In this instance, someone decided to voice an opinion on the late former world champion. Specifically, a poster called Eddie Guerrero a B+ Player.

It did not go over well, and the post has long since been removed. But…the poster had poked the bear, and the response was…well…glorious.

Comicbook.com summarized much of the experience nicely, but many fans and perhaps a fellow Hall of Famer also chimed in…because for those who knew…you know that Eddie was an A+ player.

I mean, I was fortunate enough to see him in ECW way before he go on the biggest stages, and you knew he was going to be one of the all time greats.

The responses defending Eddie Guerrero just make you smile…

And the ultimate shot…

Sure, you can have your opinion…but calling Eddie a B+ player probably isn’t one of those opinions worth having and sharing.

Or, if you insist…be prepared to mute your mentions for a while…it likely won’t go well.

Ex-Superstar Talks Life In Prison

On a darker topic, one ex-Superstar talks about life in prison.

This would be for the former Sunny, otherwise known as Tammy Sytch.

ex-superstar life in prison sunny tammy sytch

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Life after professional wrestling has not been kind to the former Bodydonna. We could argue that it was the arrival of Sunny that changed a lot about parts of WWE (not always for the best).

Wrestling gave her a lot…but in ways it probably broke her too. The ex-Superstar has had a number of issues in recent years involving law enforcement, and most recently, prison.

She was recently released and decided to talk about life in prison.

To be fair, she’s not usually shy about talking, as for her there is no such thing as bad press.

So, upon her release, Tammy Sytch spoke on ECW alum Francine’s podcast about life in prison.

The ex-Superstar called her recent stint “do-able”. She made it sound not all that bad.

Sytch discussed her most recent legal troubles and moving past them. For her sake, you truly hope she is able to make the best of things now moving forward.

One can only hope she has a sunny future.