Bayley Reveals How She Was Affected By Recent WWE Releases

WWE Bayley Releases
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Bayley recently talked about the negative impact several WWE releases had this past year. In an interview, she described the personal cost for her.

How WWE Releases Affected Bayley

Bayley WWE Releases

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WWE superstar Bayley exclusively spoke to Metro and revealed how the recent releases affected her personally. And it seems Bayley has been more affected by it than most of us would think.

“It’s really hard not to see certain ones in our locker room and share travelling the road together.”

In addition to that, Bayley also posted a sweet message on her social media. In particular, she spoke about Tyler Breeze.

Bayley admitted Tyler Breeze taught her a lot about wrestling. She even adjusted her ring attire as a tribute to her mentor, who has been released by WWE.

During her interview, Bayley also spoke about how Breeze’s release affected her. She also mentioned just how much he did for the female wrestlers on the roster.

‘For one, he gives you his time. It wasn’t just me, he was helping Eva Marie at the time, he was helping so many girls that just wanted more. He helped Sasha so much.’

‘Everybody was learning the same exact things and we wanted more. So, we would ask Breeze if he could watch our matches. Whether [or not] we knew what we needed to get better at, he did.”

With his release, it seems the WWE wasted a valuable resource to their company. It is a shame that such a talented wrestler, willing to help others, had to leave.

Hopeful For The Future


Despite the releases, Bayley remains hopeful for the future. In fact, she seemed to have found peace with it.

Bayley thinks the released wrestlers will be successful on the indies. Even though they have been released, she thinks their future still looks bright.

“I know that everything happens for a reason in life, and whatever that may be, we’ll found out later, but I know they’re gonna be successful. I just can’t wait to see them all do their thing, wherever that may be.”

And things are going well for Bayley herself at the moment. After all, she is still in the spotlight in the WWE at the moment.

Bayley is currently scheduled in a feud with Bianca Belair. In fact, she is about to have a match with Bianca for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Belair and Bayley will hash things out in an “I Quit Match.” The match will take place at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. 

Of course, Bayley is also one of the superstars who will be going with the WWE on their tour of the UK. This is quite exciting, especially when you consider the WWE has not been in the UK since November 2019.

Bayley admits she is excited about the international tour as well.

“I’m obviously really excited. It was a shock. I didn’t think we were gonna go anywhere that’s not in the States for a long time.”

“I’ve been travelling for this whole time so it’s not really a difference for me [laughs], but it’ll be fun to get outta Florida and it’ll be fun to get back over there to our passionate fans.”

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