Bayley On The Shelf, How WWE Replaces Her In Title Match

bayley on the shelf
source: custom, Bleacher Report Twitter screenshot

The biggest news from Friday was that Bayley will be on the shelf for the rest of 2021 and into 2022-see how fans react. Plus, find out how WWE replaces her at Money In The Bank.

Bayley On The Shelf

Yes, it’s true: Bayley is on the shelf.

bayley on the shelf

source: custom, Bleacher Report Twitter screenshot

The SmackDown Superstar was confirmed to be injured via Friday’s SmackDown, among other sources.

Per the reports, the Superstar suffered a torn ACL while training for her title shot at next Sunday’s Money In The Bank.

It is an unfortunate development, considering how strong Bayley has been over the past year.

Either way, Bayley is on the shelf. She is just the latest top female Superstar to be sidelined.

The upside (if there is one) to Bayley being on the shelf? WWE is anticipating the returns of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks soon.

Social media response to the news had some trolls, but was mostly supportive, with some interesting suggestions.

How WWE Replaces Her In Title Match

The big question following news of Bayley being out of Money In The Bank? How WWE replaces her in the title match.

Considering the Money In The Bank PPV is just barely a week away, WWE did not have a lot of time to work with.

As it turns out, they decided to not even wait until Money In The Bank.

Per Sonya Deville on Friday’s show, the SmackDown Women’s Championship match has been moved.

Instead of the Sunday PPV, the match is now a part of the return of live fans at SmackDown next Friday.

So, how did WWE replace Bayley?

how wwe replaces her money in the bank carmella

source: custom, Carmella Twitter screenshot

By bumping Carmella from the Money In The Bank match, and inserting her as the number one contender instead.

Considering WWE has talents incoming, both returning from injury and graduating from NXT, the move was somewhat surprising.

For one thing, it presumably takes the SmackDown Women’s Championship out of play, at least during the MITB PPV. Not a huge deal, but still notable.

Looking at it another way, this is probably a safe play. WWE is likely saving their bigger moves for SummerSlam.

Honestly, it would not completely shock me to see a return on next week’s first fan-attended SmackDown since early 2020. After all, the end goal is to set up things for SummerSlam.

So, would it be that hard to imagine Sasha Banks showing up next week? Or, worst case, in the not too distant future?

Probably not.

For now, it will be Carmella taking on Bianca Belair next Friday. Carmella is now out of the ladder match, replaced with Liv Morgan.