Aleister Black AEW Debut
Source: Lady Charlotte, Twitter, Screenshot

Aleister Black, now known as Malakai Black, made a surprising debut on AEW this week. How is this possible, as he was just released from the WWE? WNZ has an update, below.

Aleister Black’s AEW Debut News

The lights were going out and on last night quite a bit during AEW’s Dynamite. The commentary team noted it was bad weather, but there was something else on the horizon.

As the show progressed, Arn Anderson was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. The lights when out one more time and when they came back on, and Black appeared.

He dropped Anderson with “Black Mass”. Cody Rhodes then ran to the ring, and received one, too.

An interesting debut, to say the least. Fans were taken back by his appearance, mostly because of timing.

How Was Aleister Black Able To Debut On AEW?

For those that recall, Black was let go in June. This was due to WWE budgetary cutbacks.

Earlier in the day, he had teased a new name on social media. Generally, WWE main roster wrestlers have a 90-day no-compete clause in their contracts.

According to PW Insider, there was a clerical error on Black’s agreement. When he was called up from NXT years back, the company did not update his contract from the standard 30-day no-compete clause.

Interestingly enough, Black’s wife, Zelina Vega recently made a splashing debut on SmackDown. Will this power couple be able to withstand working for different promotions?

While it is rare, other wrestling couples have done this in the past. Black and Vega should be able to, as well.

It was a nice surprise to see Black make an unexpected appearance on the show. Many would have thought he’d start with the promotion months later than he did.

Speaking of last night’s Dynamite seems like a live fan got over excitedly during the show. See what happened, below.

Fan Storms Ring During Dynamite

MJF had a special announcement around stipulations for his match with Chris Jericho. But before that happened, there was some unanticipated action from a fan.

00Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, ScreenshotBefore the segment, a live audience member tried to storm the ring. It happened just as Jericho hit the squared circle himself.

The video below shows the incident. Clearly, Chris Jericho wasn’t too pleased by what almost went down.

Jericho – MJF Stipulation

Once the segment was underway, MJF referenced a favorite “Greek story”. He noted Chris would have to go through some gauntlet matches to get to him.

That “favorite” Greek tale is the Labor of Hercules. MJF stated that Chris would have “five labors”.

He went on to reveal that Jericho’s first four challengers would be of MJF’s choosing. The matches would all have different stipulations.

Jericho has to win four back-to-back bouts. Then, he’ll get his hands on MJF.

Chris agreed to the challenge. He signed the contract, and the promo ended with Jericho laying the Judas Effect on MJF.

If Chris Jericho wants MJF, he’ll have to get through four others. It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out.