AEW Wrestler Lands Sweet Deal With TMZ Thanks To Mark Henry

Mark Henry and Big Show
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An AEW wrestler landed a sweet deal with entertainment channel TMZ thanks to Mark Henry. The details were revealed this week on the Battleground Podcast. 

Mark Henry Brokered TMZ Deal For Max Caster

Mark Henry TMZ Deal

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Max Caster, one half of The Acclaimed, landed a sweet deal with none other than TMZ. And according to Hall of Famer Mark Henry, he helped broker the deal.

“I just recently fostered a deal with TMZ and Max Caster. Now every week, he’s going to be on TMZ ripping Hollywood, ripping sports, ripping wrestling. Tune in to see what Max Caster is going to do every week.”

Caster made a lasting impression on the AEW Universe with his quick wit. In fact, it was this quick wit that put The Acclaimed on the tag team map.

Of course, we were left wondering why we had seen little of the tag team on Dynamite. Now it seems that different entertainment plans were in the works for one of the men in question.

There is no word about the future of The Acclaimed at this point. However, it is possible that Caster will continue to wrestle in addition to his TMZ job.

The job with TMZ is certainly a big thing for Max Caster. In addition to that, it could also have a positive effect on AEW as a whole.

Mark Henry’s Advice To AEW

Mark Henry and Big Show

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

In addition to talking about the TMZ deal, Mark Henry also gave some advice to AEW. In fact, the legendary wrestler believes it is a good idea to broker more deals such as the TMZ deal.

“The number one thing I would want to put out there is, we have to do more of this, er, marketing and creating relationships with media and not just big media but the grassroots media, the podcasts, the companies that are interested in pro-wrestling, not only to market but for fans.”

Mark Henry’s theory is spot on. After all, these external media channels can create loads of interest in AEW without any need for further advertising.

Podcasts, wrestling sites, and other external media channels play a bigger role in pro wrestling than most would like to admit. After all, this is considered a niche field of interest.

As AEW continues to grow, they will have an easier time to gain access to more media deals. Of course, they ended up with some sweet deals from the very start.

But as time ticks on, AEW is growing into a true wrestling giant. In fact, they have slowly but surely become serious competition for WWE.

We sincerely hope that AEW does not rule out deals with smaller media channels in the future. While success is great, some of the smaller media channels as well as venues actually keeps them in touch with that true wrestling fan.

For now, AEW stands leaps and bounds over WWE where their product is concerned. So far, AEW could be the new biggest wrestling promotion.

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