WWE May Rehire Molly Holly, Superstar Told To Add Muscle Mass

WWE Rehire Molly Holly
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According to a report, Molly Holly was backstage at last night’s WWE RAW. It sounds like the company could very well rehire the Hall of Famer, sometime soon.

WWE May Rehire Molly Holly

As per the PW Insider, WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly was backstage at RAW last night. What’s the reason?

Apparently, the company is looking to rehire her for a producer role. It seems like the WWE is giving her a “tryout” for this job.

There’s no doubt that she would be an asset backstage. Molly left the company in 2005 but has often returned for appearances.


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Molly Holly’s WWE Career

As a former WWE Hardcore Champion, Women’s Champion, and Hall of Famer, Molly Holly is a wrestling legend. She’s also well-versed when it comes to gimmick and transitioning personas.

WWE is heading back on tour soon. Therefore, it’s probable that they’ll need producers for the road.

The company fired some producers when live events were canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, it’s unknown if Molly Holly would play a role on television, too.

Speaking of television, the look a superstar has can mean everything. Recently, WWE has asked a RAW talent to put on some muscle.

Superstar Told To Add Muscle Mass

Mansoor has been a great addition to the Red brand. Although, it does sound like WWE officials want him to increase in size.

WWE Rehire Molly Holly

Source: NoDq.com, Twitter, Screenshot

The RAW superstar noted all this during his recent ArabNews.com column. According to his article, he’s working with the same personal trainer as Sheamus, to help him bulk up.

Mansoor stated that he’s currently counting his calories and macronutrients. He’s also recording all of his sets and reps at the gym.

The superstar revealed that it’s “crazy” how much a difference it is to write things down. “Tracking” everything certainly helps.ROLE

But, why the bulk up? Sounds like WWE is working on a character change with Mansoor.

As per his article, Mansoor is updating his image. This includes new logos and a new theme song.

As he wrote in his column, he is learning and growing with these major life experiences. He added that the transition from NXT to RAW has been major.

Mansoor’s Journey With The WWE

Mansoor built a 49-match winning streak after working 205 Live and Main Event. He then signed on with RAW in May.

Sadly, he lost his debut match to Sheamus and has not appeared on the Red brand, since. He was on Main Event on May 20th when he defeated Cedric Alexander.

In his column, Mansoor stated that he was quite happy, shocked, and delighted to debut against the Celtic Warrior. As he revealed, Sheamus was a guy he’d been watching on television since he was in high school.

There was no follow-up on the Mansoor versus Sheamus match. Instead, the U.S. Champion has pursued other programs with Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet.

In 2018, Mansoor became the first-ever Saudi Arabian (born) talent to wrestle in the WWE. Here’s to continued success in the company for this incredible talent.