What Did Charlotte Flair Say To Rhea Ripley After Their Title Match?

Charlotte Flair Rhea Ripley
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Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley had an epic match at Hell in a Cell. However, some fans were puzzled at what Charlotte told her opponent at the end of the match.

Charlotte Flair’s Words To Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley Charlotte Flair

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Charlotte Flair went up against Rhea Ripley during Hell in a Cell. This time, the multiple-time champion was looking to add another title reign to her name.

Unfortunately, Charlotte did not win the match. Instead, Rhea Ripley kept the title due to disqualification.

The match had an amazing buildup and both wrestlers told a story in the ring. Of course, fans were not too happy about the disqualification.

Shortly after the match, Charlotte had something to say to her opponent. As Rhea was working her way up the ramp, Flair said the following:

“You’re learning b****, you’re learning.

For now, Rhea Ripley remains the Raw Women’s Champ. But, will she stay the champion for much longer?

Ripley is being watched by almost every woman in the division. And everyone is hungry for that title shot.

Of course, the woman that stands the most chance of dethroning Ripley is still Charlotte.

And it seems that the former women’s champion is definitely desperate for a win.

Charlotte Wants A Title Reign

Charlotte Flair

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Charlotte Flair is a multiple-time champion. However, that does not mean she is satisfied with her 13 title wins (so far).

During an interview, Charlotte revealed the reasons why she wants another championship run. She also talked about some of the things that are bothering her in her career right now. 

“Yes, I’m the 13-time champion, but really, in the last couple of years, I have not had a successful title run. Yes, I’ve been in the title picture non-stop, but besides the tag titles, I haven’t been the champion.”

So, while Charlotte is already a 13-time champion, she has many more championship reigns in her. And it seems the WWE thinks the same. 

If they had no plans for Charlotte in the nearby future, she would have lost clean.

Instead, Rhea Ripley had to lose through disqualification.

So, if Rhea Ripley lost clean, I can guarantee there would not be another feud between these two for some time to come. So, I do not think the title feud is over.

It is likely that Rhea and Charlotte will battle things out on a bigger stage. Ideally, Charlotte and Rhea should face each other at SummerSlam 2021.

At this moment, it is unlikely Rhea will drop the title during Raw or SmackDown. Even the last title defense was during a pay-per-view.

A SummerSlam feud between Ripley and Charlotte sounds wonderful. And while it could be an awesome triple threat as well, I much prefer Ripley and Charlotte on their own.

Both women can build a stellar match. I just hope WWE gives them time to lay the groundwork and take the feud to the next level. 

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