Vince McMahon’s Idea Of Big E, Paul Heyman: Ryback Is A Schmuck

Vince McMahon's Big E
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Big E was missing from the last edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. In fact, there wasn’t even a mention of him. A report has surfaced indicating that Vince McMahon’s yet to sign off on any new creative plans for the superstar.

Vince McMahon’s Idea of Big E

Big E started a feud with Aleister Black some weeks ago. However, that got scrapped when Black was recently released.

Sadly, it’s another instance of WWE shifting gears on the go. It seems like there was a lot of time and effort placed into this “updated” version of Aleister Black, as he was off television for a long while.

With no Big E last Friday, plus, no match at WWE’s next pay-per-view (PPV), Hell in a Cell (HIAC), what will he be up to next? Does the WWE have any plans for him?

Big E is Vince McMahon’s Favorite 

The bad news is that there are no creative plans for Big E as of yet. Vince has yet to sign off on plans for his next major feud.

The good news is, Big E is one of McMahon’s “favorite” people. According to, he will always find something for E to do.

Big E is being kept away from TV until the powers that be find a program for him. With that said, things can change fast in the WWE, and with HIAC two weeks away, there’s still a small chance fans could see Big E during June’s PPV.

One superstar WWE fans won’t be seeing anytime soon is Ryback. He left the company in 2016, and it seems that someone high up in rank never cared much for him.

Paul Heyman: Ryback Is A Schmuck

Paul Heyman has managed many superstars in his day. From Brrroooccckkkk Lesnar to CM Punk, Cesaro, and now Roman Reigns.

Vince McMahon's Big E

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There are many more on that list. One talent that was a Heyman Guy who fans often forget about is Ryback.

Paul recently spoke on a Highspots Wrestling Virtual Q&A. He was asked about a superstar he worked with whom he knew “wouldn’t be a star”.

Heyman’s answer was Ryback. To boot, Paul stated the reason why was because Ryback was a “schmuck”.

Ryback’s History With Heyman

Paul Heyman and Ryback worked together in late 2013. His storyline centered around “defending” Paul from CM Punk.

The superstars worked matches on two PPVs that year. Punk defeated Ryback at Hell in a Cell and Battleground.

Interestingly enough, Curtis Axel was also a Heyman Guy then. He and Ryback ended up forming a tag team, which was appropriately called, Rybaxel.

The news hit Ryback, shortly after the Q&A. He jumped on Twitter to respond to Paul Heyman’s comments about him.

In the tweet, Ryback threatened to return at SummerSlam and show Paul and “his boy” (referring to Roman Reigns) how to organically go over as a face. See post below.

So the “schmuck” comment stood out. However, Paul did have some nice things to say during his Q&A.

He was also asked who he believed the most underrated promo was. He answered The Street Profits.