The 5 Strangest Match Stipulations Throughout Wrestling History

The Strangest Match Stipulations
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Today, we take a look at the strangest wrestling match stipulations throughout wrestling history. So, which of these strangest match stipulations made our list?

The Chamber Of Horrors (1991)

The Strangest Match Stipulations

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One of the strangest match stipulations in wrestling history happened at WCW Halloween Havoc. In the 1991 Chamber of Horrors, fans were absolutely flabbergasted. 

The match consisted of a small cage inside a larger cage. But the weirdest thing was inside that smaller cage.

WCW decided to place an electric chair inside the small cage. For the other team to win the match, someone had to be placed in it and be electrocuted. 

Needless to say, this was one of the weirdest stipulations ever. To make matters worse, it was not exactly realistic.

Child Custody Ladder Match

Custody Ladder Match

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Many of you are likely to remember this match since it took place at Summerslam 2005.

The strangest wrestling match stipulations in history often relate to family. And this is no different for this particular match.

Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero were once embroiled in an epic feud. At one point, it led to the parentage of Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick being questioned. 

To get guaranteed custody of Dominick, the men competed in a ladder match. To win, they had to get the briefcase with the custody papers.

In other words, it was a Money in the Bank match for the custody of a child. You cannot find any weirder in the wrestling world.

Don’t Leave Town

Thunder Rosa

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Another one of the strangest wrestling match stipulations happened in NWA. 

Earlier in the year, Kamille accused Thunder Rosa of using NWA for her own benefit. To beat her, she set up a rather unusual match.

If Thunder Rosa ended up losing the match, her options would be limited. In fact, she could only work for WWE if she lost.

Since Thunder Rosa has ties with AEW, the consequences could have been dire. Interestingly enough, the match ended in a tie.

The Forklift

Judy Bagwell

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WCW had quite a few strange matches and here’s another WCW for our overview of strangest wrestling match stipulations.

With Vince Russo at the helm, creative decisions were questionable. And so the Judy Bagwell on a forklift match was born.

Basically, there was a feud between Buff Bagwell and Kanyon. Long story short, Kanyon got a hold of Buff’s mum.

Kanyon “illegally” kidnapped Judy. He then decided to drive her out tied to a forklift.

The match was historically bad. In fact, it was so bad people are still talking about it today for all the wrong reasons! 

This is one of those moments WWE does not want you to remember.

TNA Reverse Battle Royal

Strangest wrestling match stipulations

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

TNA once held a tournament to determine the number one contender for the title. Unfortunately, the first stage of that tournament was laughable to say the least. 

During the first leg of the tournament, TNA held a so-called reverse battle royal. 

The idea may have been intriguing, but the execution was horrendous. Basically, lots of wrestlers were beating on each other outside the ring while they could have just jumped in. 


What other strange match stipulations can you name? Share them with us in the comments. 

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