SmackDown In A Nutshell: Rey Mysterio Seeks Revenge

rey mysterio seeks revenge
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Welcome to another SmackDown In A Nutshell, where this week, we watch as Rey Mysterio seeks revenge.

Why would Rey Mysterio seek revenge? Well, last week Roman Reigns put a beating on both Rey Mysterio and his son, Dom.

So, that is plenty of motivation for why Rey Mysterio seeks revenge. Perhaps the big question there then is, will Mysterio get his revenge tonight?

Or will it somehow carry over into Hell In A Cell…which is rapidly approaching.

One way or the other, we know Rey Mysterio seeks revenge, and that’s the big story for this week. Of course, there are others…but do any of them matter?

As important as that story is for the show, it is just as important to remember…Hell In A Cell is just a couple weeks away.

But, before we get there, we get to…

rey mysterio seeks revenge

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SmackDown In A Nutshell: Rey Mysterio Seeks Revenge

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and find out how that goes!

Best Match of the night:

Kevin Owens and Big E versus Apollo and Sami Zayn.

smackdown in a nutshell

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Really nice match, and we get to see KO and Big E tag again next week too.

Worst match of the night:

Shinsuke and Baron Corbin. If only because I think it’s time to resolve this whole crown thing, once and for all.

smackdown in a nutshell

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WWE must agree, since it seems like next week there will be a match between the two to decide who gets the crown.

Star of the Night

Can I get some love for Kevin Owens and Big E?

Spot of the Night:

Even though I am quite certain it involved a crash pad, the Reigns power bomb of Dom was intended to look brutal, and it did.

mysterio seeks revenge

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Jobber of the Night:

Can I give Sami Zayn some love? I mean, he took the L for his team…and then took a Nigerian Nail for his time.

smackdown in a nutshell

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Upset of the Night:

As close as we get this time around, we can go with Liv Morgan defeating Carmella.

smackdown in a nutshell

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Kind of a surprising move, to be honest. It felt like Carmella was getting a bit of a push, and for Liv, losing her tag partner, she was in a bad spot.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Cesaro is back, and he destroyed both Seth Rollins, along with Bayley’s set.

nutshell revenge

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Botch of the night:

I don’t think it was a botch. It was just done badly.

What’s that?

The whole bit at the end when poof, a Singapore cane appears.

Right in front of the announce team. And you hear McAfee asking “where did that come from?!”

mysterio seeks revenge

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Like, dude…you are RIGHT there. We all know you saw it…it was just bad.

LOL Moment of the night:

WWE camera angles.

Maybe, just maybe, Dom Mysterio took that power bomb bump to the floor without a crash pad.

I doubt it, and the camera angle we saw tells me the floor was not immediately what Dom landed on.

Noteworthy Moment:

Next week looks to be the SmackDown in ring debut for Commander Azeez. That should give us an interesting Nutshell.

Overall lowlights:

Look, I like that the Mysterios are getting good use…but…

All signs are pointing to Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns in the Cell in a couple weeks. That was Rey’s challenge, which we didn’t get accepted…yet.

mysterio seeks revenge

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For the longest time, this looked more like Jimmy versus Roman…and given the story lines there, that made more sense.

Actually, considering what happened between Reigns and Uso just last year in the Cell, it made perfect sense.

It is entirely possible things happen between now and then to change things to Jimmy and Roman…but I don’t like how it’s looking thus far.

Overall highlights:

For me, the best part of the show was the Kevin Owens-Big E tag team.

Poor Big E kind of got screwed when WWE released Aleister Black. I mean, Black did too…though he may yet return.

However, Big E went from perhaps being in line to be a main event challenger…to…just some guy.

Not that being a good tag team is a big deal in WWE…but I could get into a KO and Big E pairing. Unless WWE revisits that past history when Owens subbed in as part of New Day…

Reigns and family were good again too…but I wonder what Rey Mysterio seeking revenge does to that story line developing.

After the final bell:

Well, that was an interesting show…which gives us hopefully an interesting SmackDown In A Nutshell.

I think, as far as Nutshells go, it isn’t a bad show…but perhaps the Reigns-Uso story stalled a little?

I guess tossing the Mysterio family into the mix gives the larger program a bit of a breather. That is not a bad thing.

Of course, if the Mysterio family had some more muscle…we could actually set up a family versus family program…but I doubt that materializes.

Not a terrible SmackDown In A Nutshell, but next week will certainly need to dial it up a notch.

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