nxt star major push
source: custom, WWE NXT Twitter sreenshot

Word is a certain NXT star will be getting a major push in the months ahead. Plus, following his destruction on RAW, what are Xavier Woods’ future plans?

NXT Star Getting Major Push

When you see “NXT Star getting major push”, I am sure many automatically jump to Karrion Kross.

He may well get a major push…but this one isn’t about him.

nxt star major push

source: custom, WWE NXT Twitter sreenshot

If you’ve watched NXT in recent weeks, you may have noticed a few fresher faces getting significant airtime.

One of those? NXT star and current Cruiserweight Champion Kushida.

The champion has found himself in all sorts of interesting matches of late. The NXT star even had a recent open challenge, answered by none other than Kyle O’Reilly.

Now, Fightful can shed a bit of light on things.

According to their report, there are, and have been, plans for the NXT star to get a major push.

It all stems from WWE shifting the Cruiserweight Championship to NXT. The company and brand see major star power in Kushida, and as such they’ve built the division around him.

The beauty part of such planning? Unlike the main roster shows, where a cruiserweight would not be allowed to carry show after show…such things are possible in NXT.

In fact, not only are they possible…but they’ve happened, and with regularity.

One thing NXT has been exceptionally good at? Pushing talent, regardless of size or look.

If you are skilled in the ring, you will more likely than not get a shot in NXT.

Kushida is one more example of such planning. This is why he is one NXT star who is getting a major push.

Xavier Woods Future Plans

If you caught this week’s RAW, you’d know who got destroyed in the main event. So what might Xavier Woods’ future plans be?

Well, it seems the ending of the RAW Hell In A Cell may have served a double purpose.

xavier woods future plans

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Yes, it was no doubt designed to stoke the feud between Kofi Kingston and champion Bobby Lashley.

But, it is also being reported that the post-match pain and suffering figure into Xavier Woods’ future plans.

Specifically, he may have been destroyed as a means to write him off television for a bit.

Now, nothing is definite, or even announced. However, word from the Wrestling Observer indicates that we may be seeing Xavier Woods on the sidelines for a while.

Again, nothing has been put out there yet. For now, it’s just speculative.

It seems likely, however, that the post-match abuse that Xavier Woods absorbed will keep him off television at least for a little bit.

Perhaps he returns just in time for Money In The Bank? Then again, perhaps his return-whenever that may be-actually leads to something else.

This entire program will be interesting to watch, for a few reasons.

For one thing, Kofi Kingston matches up as well with Bobby Lashley as he did with Brock Lesnar. And we know how that worked out.

Speaking of Lesnar, another thing to consider is that, with the return to live events, WWE has a number of returning Superstars.

As such, it’s possible, if not entirely likely, that neither Xavier Woods nor Kofi Kingston factor too much in the future plans of MVP or Bobby Lashley.tw