Nikki Cross Reveals What She Did During Her Time Off From WWE

Nikki Cross Time Off For WWE
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Nikki Cross took some time off from WWE television. But what has the wrestling star been doing since she’s been away.

Looking Forward To In-Ring Return

Nikki Cross Time Off WWE

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During her interview, Nikki Cross revealed that while she was away from the WWE did, she didn’t sit around doing nothing. In fact, the star admitted she did plenty of training.

“So the last few months I’ve been training in-ring as much as I can. I’ve been training four times a week, just doing everything I can to be the best competitor that I can be, working on different things and just introducing new moves to the move set.”

In addition to in-ring training, Cross also did a lot of video studying. In fact, she has been watching some of her favorites for inspiration.

“I’ve been studying as much tape as I can, watching a lot of matches. I’ve been watching a lot of Ricky Steamboat, a big favourite of mine.”

Cross also studied some of her own matches, seeing how she could improve as a competitor. 

“Or even watching older matches of my own just to say, ‘Okay, what can I do better? What can I maybe change, what I can improve on?’ Or to be like, ‘Let me keep that, that’s a great little move that that takes people off your feet.” 

“It’s been such an amazing period of growth for me as a performer and as a competitor and as a person and just really just throwing myself in and being immersed in a wrestling ring again.”

The White Chocolate Cheesecake Of Sports Entertainment

Nikki Cross

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Nikki Cross has one of the strangest nicknames in pro wrestling. After all, she is known as the White Chocolate Cheesecake of Sports Entertainment.

But where did this nickname come from? Fortunately, Nikki Cross disclosed all in her recent interview. 

“White chocolate is my favourite flavour of cheesecake. It’s such a unique flavour and at that time I was on the independent scene I was performing in different countries every weekend.”

“I was on this roll on this amazing momentum and I was very full of myself back in 2014 and I just started saying it, then I put it on a T-shirt, and it just became what I was known as, this unique flavour. I was this force of nature, Nikki Storm on the independent scene.”

“Fans could come to an independent show and they would never forget Nikki Storm. The loudmouth, chatterbox, this motormouth Scottish Fireball, spitfire of personality and I think ‘The White Chocolate Cheesecake of Sports Entertainment’ just captured that.”

Cross recently made her return to the WWE. With her return, many hope it is finally the time for her to leave her mark as a champion.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Nikki Cross can capture the title. There certainly is a lot of competition in the form of Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley.

For now, we have a revitalized Nikki Cross. Let’s hope the new Nikki also comes with a title.

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