Mickie James Upset At WWE Segment, Superstar Undergoes Surgery

Mickie James Upset WWE
Source: WrestleZone, Twitter, Screenshot

Now that Mickie James has been released by WWE, she is able to express how upset some segments made her. Also, Montez Ford has undergone surgery.

Mickie James Upset At WWE Segment

When Mickie James was released by WWE shortly after WrestleMania 37, it appeared both sides were on okay terms. Then, the garbage bag incident caused more attention to be brought to James.

When looking at the women on WWE’s roster, James is one of the older ones as she is a veteran of the game. Still, she never seemed to miss a beat compared to her first run about 15 years ago.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, James recalled a particular segment that angered her. The angle focused on her age.

Mickie James Upset Over 2017 WWE Angle

“It isn’t fair, but I think it has always been a culture,” said James. “I remember when I first came on, it was when you are 35, women are done in this business and women had much shorter careers.” 

“Maybe it has something to do with the fact I have been relevant on TV for the last 15 years in some capacity. I am all about building the future, but you can’t s— on your former champions and the history that was made.”

“I could never wrap my head around and find it funny that I’m given a walker [on Raw in 2017]. It’s bulls— and it’s not funny.”

“I was offended and I said that I was offended. But, I am a professional, and as a pro you go, ‘Fine and let’s see what happens.’” 

“Nine times out of 10 I was right, but it’s already happened. I had to do it just to prove a point.” 

“I feel like you should trust me enough, at this point, to know I am not an idiot.”

Clearly, James is upset with the angle from 2017. And, you cannot blame her as WWE would not have done the same to Goldberg or Undertaker.

As for the garbage bag moment, that caused WWE to apologize and fire long-time employee Mark Carrano.

In a now viral photo, James was sent her belongs in a garbage bag. Many people quickly wanted action as they took to social media.

Currently, James is set for 73rd Anniversary show of NWA. So far, no opponent has been announced. 

Superstar Undergoes Surgery

Source: ComicBook, Twitter, Screenshot

It seems like WWE will be short a tag team for a brief time. Apparently, Montez Ford underwent surgery.

The exact type of surgery is not know at this time. Although, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter had a few details.

Ford had the operation on June 24 and it was voluntary. Therefore, it is likely nothing serious and he should be back relatively soon.

To explain the absence, WWE did run an angle on SmackDown. Otis attacked Ford, which caused a storyline rib injury.

The Street Profits have not been featured too much in 2021. This comes after an impressive run in 2020, where they were tag champions for a decent amount of time.