Mark Henry Hints A Superstar To AEW, Big Changes Ahead For NXT

mark henry superstar aew braun strowman
source: custom, NoDQ Twitter screenshot

Newly signed AEW talent Mark Henry hits that a Superstar-Braun Strowman- could head to AEW to join him. Plus, are there big changes ahead for NXT?

Mark Henry Hints A Superstar To AEW

Lately, a few former WWE employees have jumped brands, and Mark Henry hints another Superstar to AEW soon could be quite possible.

Considering the last few months have yielded some big Superstar names becoming free agents, you ought to be intrigued.

mark henry superstar aew braun strowman

source: custom, NoDQ Twitter screenshot

According to Mark Henry, the now former Superstar in  question? The former Braun Strowman.

Yes, the former WWE Champion is on the radar for AEW. At lease, that’s what Henry said when talking to TMZ Sports.

According to the report, Mark Henry indicates that there is currently interest from both sides.

That is an important perspective, especially considering the reported per appearance charge that Strowman was asking for on the indys.

Early on, WWE would do anything possible to keep it’s talents away from AEW.

That was then and this is now, and WWE has changed directions about dealing with talent and AEW.

With such a new perspective, according to Mark Henry, there’s a chance for a deal as there is interest from both sides.

Of course, Braun Strowman was just released recently. As such, he is covered by the all too familiar 90 day non-compete clauses.

What does that all mean?

Well, if Braun Strowman and AEW come to terms and decide to work together in the future…it means any Strowman fans will be waiting until late August, give or take, before they will see Braun Strowman.

So, time will tell if Strowman ends up following an increasing list of former WWE Superstars over in AEW.

Big Changes Ahead For NXT

Change is constant, and that is especially true for WWE’s black and gold brand…but could big changes lie ahead for NXT?

changes ahead for nxt

source: custom, WWE NXT Twitter screenshot

Per the brand’s general manager, William Regal, that could be the case.

Regal delivered that message has he exited from the Capitol Wrestling Center following the conclusion of NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

The NXT GM seemed flustered with what he categorized as utter chaos.

He next implied that, after a seven year reign as NXT GM, big changes could be ahead for NXT.

Of course, to find out what those changes might be, we have to tune in to Tuesday’s show on USA Network.

The best guess here is that, finally, after a few rumored change periods, William Regal might actually step down as NXT GM.

Now, such a move has been hinted at in the past, but thus far, William Regal remains the NXT GM.

Could that finally be changing? Or, is there something else that would be similarly big?

It is worth mentioning that a couple very recently departed, and now former, WWE Superstars have been linked to the black and gold brand.

Specifically, former NXT Champions Samoa Joe and Aleister Black could head home again.

Of the two, the return of Samoa Joe to NXT could be that big change that William Regal seeks.

Then again, if Regal is stepping down as GM…could WWE actually elevate Samoa Joe to serve as the new NXT GM?