Mark Henry Gives His Wrestlers Valuable Advice

Mark Henry Gave Advice To AEW Wrestlers
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AEW coach and analyst Mark Henry already gave some good advice to AEW wrestlers. In fact, the valuable advice could catapult their careers to the next level.

Mark Henry Gives Advice To AEW Wrestlers

Mark Henry gives advice to AEW wrestlers

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Mark Henry is taking his new role very seriously. Henry said to his wrestlers that they should avoid being too repetitive. He revealed this while speaking to Renee Paquette:

Wrestling-wise, I want to see less… I want everyone to watch the matches before them because there is a repetition thing. Someone will do a tope and the next match will have two topes and the next will have three. Stop trying to out-do what you saw before and find something else to do. Repetition is a pet peeve of mine and I feel you’re not watching the product if you go do something and someone else did the same thing. I love the [Young] Bucks doing superkicks. Why are there three matches on the card where someone does a superkick before them? If that was me, I would be upset about it.

This is excellent advice from the WWE Hall of Famer. After all, it will keep viewers interested.

Better Than Ever

Mark Henry was always a big wrestler. In fact, the weight helped him stay the strongest man in the world.

Unfortunately, the weight was not the best thing for Henry. As he got older, the problems with weight started to creep up.

Henry had made a real effort into shedding his excess weight. When looking at his recent Twitter post, it is clear the hard work in the gym and diet paid off.

Mark Henry officially retired from wrestling in 2017. However, he had made it clear he would want another match before his permanent retirement.

In total, Mark Henry dropped a whopping six stone. At the moment, he still has another twenty pounds to lose. 

Aside from his weight loss, Mark Henry also uses social media as a tool. In fact, he mentioned how important social media is in the wrestling business.

We have to work on the social media aspect of what’s going out and what’s being portrayed that you want to be an example of what people see. AEW is more brash and has more of an adult feel, but you have to counter-balance that. You have to do stuff in the community and with live events where you give back to the city and be an example instead of a problem.

In conclusion, Mark Henry will be an excellent addition to AEW. Not only does he have in-ring experience, he knows exactly how to market a wrestler.

Charitable works could also become more prominent for AEW with Mark Henry now a member of the roster. It remains to be seen how big of a role Henry will maintain though.

For now, I’m enjoying seeing a wrestling veteran revitalized. And that all thanks to AEW.

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