kenny omega working injured
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It can be hard to be a champion, and Kenny Omega is working injured to stay there. Plus, there is news on a former WWE Superstar returning to the company.

Kenny Omega Working Injured

It is not easy to become champion, and it takes guts. That likely explains why Kenny Omega is working injured, per recent reports.

That information comes to us by way of the Wrestling Observer.

To frame the story, remember how decorated Kenny Omega is. Not just over his career, but specifically right this moment.

As of this writing, Kenny Omega is the top champion for AEW, IMPACT and AAA. That is a lot of gold, and with it comes a lot of work.

And thus, it is no surprise that Kenny Omega is working injured.

kenny omega working injured

source: custom, Kenny Omega Twitter screenshot

But, how injured?

Per Dave Meltzer, there is a lot of the expected wear and tear, but more.

Omega has an injured hand which required stitches. He got that from his recent AEW title defense.

In addition to that, he’s got a deep bruise on his tailbone-which can be both uncomfortable, and make bumps even more brutal.

There is also a reported sports hernia that Omega is working through.

As if that wasn’t enough…the story mentions that Kenny Omega also recently had to take on a virus.

As crazy as it sounds, Kenny Omega is a multiple champion…and the abuse is the price he pays.

For all that gold, it’s really no surprise that Kenny Omega is working injured.

Former WWE Superstar Returning

There have been lots of rumblings recently of a former WWE Superstar returning to the company.

And, we can report that one former WWE Superstar has indeed returned to the company.

No, it is not Aleister Black. Not Brock Lesnar or Samoa Joe either.

At least, not yet…but we can dream.

No, in this case it is likely an unexpected Superstar returning. And, the former WWE Superstar is not returning to an in-ring role, as he held in the past.

So, which WWE Superstar is returning?

former wwe superstar returning

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How about Shawn Daivari.

See, I told you it was a former WWE Superstar.

Fine, call it a bit of a stretch. But, he was a WWE Superstar, and he is returning.

Shawn Daivari last worked for the company in early 2020. He was part of the backstage cuts during the early part of the pandemic, losing his gig as a producer.

Well, WWE is returning to the road next month, and with a return to live shows, WWE will need more producers.

As such, the former WWE Superstar got the call and is returning.

Per the report from PWInsider, he is back with WWE resuming his role as a producer beginning with the June 11th episode of SmackDown.

While it’s not the former WWE Superstar returning that many are hoping for, the return to touring will need experienced hands.

As such, it makes a great deal of sense to bring back talent who have done it before.

In Shawn Daivari, there is a comfort level and a familiarity, and WWE is doing everything to make sure the July return goes smoothly.