nick khan destroying wwe
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It may seem harsh, but on the heels of another day of cuts, is Nick Khan destroying WWE? Plus, fans react to the latest round of releases.

Is Nick Khan Destroying WWE

Sure, that is a crazy question to ask, but we shall: is Nick Khan destroying WWE?

Honestly, probably not…but after yet another round of releases on Friday, things don’t seem that great either.

Later in the evening, it was reported that WWE also re-released Tino Sabbatelli, whom many probably forgot about.

Considering what happened following earlier 2021 releases, I expect similar rumblings to pop up.

Specifically…is WWE preparing to be sold?

Vince McMahon is not getting any younger, and clearly Nick Khan has no worries about the creative direction of the product.

What Nick Khan does care about? Cutting any and all costs off the bottom line, no matter what.

nick khan

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That is exactly what companies tend to do to make a sale more appealing…

How far does that “no matter what” go?

Well, as was covered on social media and other outlets, Nick Khan has apparently said he is willing to take the heat for the releases.

It was also noted that he does not care who’s partner or spouse might be getting canned. Or, if the person was in the midst of a program or push.

That last point was made clear when Aleister Black and Braun Strowman were jettisoned not so long ago.

Friday’s releases further underscored that mentality.

Marina Shafir is married to the recently returned Roderick Strong-who is likely due for a major push as part of the new Diamond Mine.

Killian Dain is married to Nikki Cross, who is now the last surviving member of the fizzled and wasted Sanity group.

Controlling costs makes sense, and some of those releases are not truly that shocking-Shafir hasn’t been on TV much, for example.

With all the recent releases, those rumors of a possible sale only grow louder.

Plus, with more couples seeing one half get released…how long before the other half exits, by choice or by pink slip?

It’s not a great look for the “family” WWE used to foster…and fans notice.

Fans React To Releases

WWE fans took to Twitter to react to the releases.

fans react to releases

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Some were thanking the now former Superstars.

Others unloaded on Nick Khan and WWE for the latest round of releases.

Needless to say, the posts were fast and furious. And on point.

It is going to be very interesting to see if more cuts are coming. Almost as interesting as it will be to see where some of the released talent lands-and what they end up doing.