Is Randy Orton sending WWE legends to AEW?
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A fan claimed in a recent social media post that Randy Orton is sending WWE legends to AEW. Obviously, this has something to do with the recent influx of WWE legends in AEW.

The Last Humiliation

Christian and Randy Orton

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Three WWE veterans decided to leave WWE in 2021. Christian, Big Show, and Mark Henry all decided to go to greener pastures elsewhere.

Interestingly enough, each of these men was publicly humiliated on the promotion before they left. 

Last June, Christian was left humiliated when Orton kicked him in the head after an unsanctioned match.

But unlike the veteran deserved, it all seemed to be in a bid to put down the wrestler.

Mark Henry and Big Show shared a similar experience. Both men were humiliated by Randy Orton on Raw Legends Night.

After the incident, Mark Henry never made another appearance for the company. Now, it appears the segment had more of an effect on Henry than first thought.

During Double or Nothing, AEW revealed a massive signing to their promotion. The company managed to sign Mark Henry.

While making the announcement, AEW indicated that the wrestler will be functioning as an analyst as well as a backstage coach.

However, this does not rule out another match for Mark Henry. In fact, the veteran indicated that he is interested in wrestling one more match.

With AEW signing Mark Henry, it is possible he could have one more match before he continues as a coach and analyst.

Considering how the company has treated its legends, it is a much better place for him than the WWE. 

Fan Sees The Funny Side

Is Randy Orton sending WWE legends to AEW?

Source: Screenshot YouTube WWEVerified

AEW is experiencing a big influx of veteran wrestlers. Obviously, these veteran wrestlers all had an extensive careers in the WWE.

Fortunately, an observant fan saw the funny side for the WWE. In fact, the fan claimed Randy Orton is responsible for sending WWE legends to AEW!

Before the veterans left for AEW, they all had a tense encounter with Randy Orton on television.

In fact, Orton had verbally belittled both Mark Henry and Big Show before their departure.

There was also a tense incident between Christian and Orton. During Raw last June, Orton hit Christian in the head but nothing really came from it.

In spite of their tense interactions with Randy Orton, all these legendary wrestlers all ended up in AEW.

Furthermore, these legends have all been treated with the respect they deserve.

In the WWE, these wrestlers were forgotten and often used as jobbers for special matches. At least in AEW they seem to enjoy the status they worked so hard for all these years. 

Christian, Big Show, and also Mark Henry all got big announcements when they made their appearance in AEW. Wrestling veteran Sting has also been respected during his recent matches, making him look strong and imposing.

With numerous wrestlers jumping ship to AEW, the question remains if more are to follow. And if there are, who would these wrestlers be?