Extreme Gimmick Matches There Have Never Been Featured On The WWE

Barbed Wire Ropes
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Numerous extreme gimmick matches were done over the years, and some weren’t even featured in the WWE. Here’s a look at the main ones.

Stadium Stampede

Stadium Stampede

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The Stadium Stampede is first on our list of extreme gimmick matches never featured in the WWE. Of course, this match is the brainchild of AEW, one of the WWE’s main rivals.

More than a year ago, the first Stadium Stampede took place. In the match, The Elite took on The Inner Circle.

In the end, The Elite came out victorious. For the second Stampede, The Inner Circle took on Pinnacle. 

Both matches struck a chord with the crowd. After all, it was something that was never done before.

Considering the success of the match, we expect more Stadium Stampedes in the future.

Ultimate X

Extreme Gimmick Matches Never Featured In WWE

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

TNA has done some amazingly creative matches in the past. Among those, they also did a number of extreme gimmick matches never featured in the WWE.

One of the first extreme gimmick matches that comes to mind is Ultimate X. The rules of the match are quite unique to say the least.

Ultimate X was originally created for the Cruiserweight Division. With it, they hoped to draw more attention to the division.

During Ultimate X, two ring ropes are elevated over the ring. Together, they form an “X,” hence the name. 

As you may expect, this match is made for those high-flyers. Obviously, this means you can find matches with the likes of AJ Styles and John Morrison. 

The Scaffold Special

Scaffold Match

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

The WWE used scaffolding in matches before. However, they never staged an entire match around it!

Other promotions have done this particular match. Needless to say, this is a true nail biter for the crowd.

ECW probably had the scariest scaffold match. In fact, the match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee in 1996 probably tops them all.

Dreamer and Lee fought one another on a large piece of plywood. So, it does not get riskier than that!

Bunkhouse Stampede

Extreme Gimmick Matches Never Done In WWE

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Dusty Rhodes was a true wrestling genius. He proved that through training the next generation, but also coming up with interesting promos and matches.

One of the extreme gimmick matches invented by Dusty Rhodes, but never done in the WWE, was the Bunkhouse Stampede. The WWE once did a version of it, but nowhere near to the original invention.

The principle of the Bunkhouse Stampede was relatively simple. Basically, it is a combo of a Battle Royale and a steel cage match. 

A Bunkhouse Stampede involves lots of brawling, and getting your opponent over the top of the cage. In short, it is a Battle Royale on steroids.

The Piranha Death Match

Piranha Death Match

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

There are some strange extreme gimmick matches in our overview as well. This certainly applies to the Piranha Death Match.

The Piranha Death Match could not be done today. Much like Jake “The Snake” Roberts could no longer use a live snake for his wrestling efforts.

Animal rights groups would eat the WWE alive if they would set up any extreme gimmick matches involving animals. However, this does not make this match any less crazy.

The Yokohama Amazon River Piranha Death Match is as deadly as it sounds. To win, you must hold your opponent in the fish tank for at least 10 seconds. 

As if Piranhas weren’t enough, more danger is added to the mix. Around the ring, you will also found plenty of wood wrapped in barbed wire.

In short, this match is not for the faint of heart. But due to animal involvement, this is unlikely to be done on any major promotion these days.

Light Bulb Death Match

Extreme Gimmick Matches Never Done In WWE

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Death matches can be some of the most dangerous in professional wrestling. 

The light bulb death match is in a league of its own. Of course, it is also made famous by indie wrestler Nick Cage.

Now, this match is dangerous for more than just the wrestlers involved. After all, shattering light bulbs could very easily hit someone in the audience. 

Light bulb death matches are extremely rare. Not only are they dangerous to those in attendance, wrestlers often end up with shards of glass in their bodies.

There are not many wrestlers who will attempt a light bulb death match. And I have to admit, they are quite painful to watch overall.

Barbed Wire Ropes Match

Barbed Wire Ropes

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

You may not see this match in the WWE. However, there were plenty of WWE superstars who attempted this particular match in the indies.

One of the men who fought a match like this is none other than Drew McIntyre. And while he sticks to regular ropes these days, barbed wire ropes take significant guts.

ECW set the standard with this kind of match. In fact, this match was done masterfully by Terry Funk and Sabu.

The Barbed Wire Ropes match was extremely brutal. Actually, both of the men had to be helped out of the sharp ropes. 

There was also some gluing of wounds involved throughout the match. Needless to say, it poses quite a risk to pro wrestlers. 

It is unlikely the WWE will pull this match together due to the safety risk. But it certainly remains on the spectrum of the indies.

AEW actually did a version of this on their promotion. However, they took it one step further.

During a title match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, the exploding barbed wire match was born.

Not only was there barbed wire all around the ring, explosions were taking place as well.

While the finish left something to be desired, it was still an impressive and brutal match.

Unfortunately, most people talk and mention the end of the match opposed to the actual match itself.

But forget about the underwhelming explosion at the end. Just have a look at the brutality during the match and judge for yourself why this should be one for the history books.

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