Backstage Talk On Eva Marie & Piper Niven, Renee Paquette Is A Mom

Eva Marie Piper Niven
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Eva Marie was set to dive into the action this week, after a four-year hiatus. While the WWE Universe was interested in seeing if she had acquired any ring rust, Piper Niven stepped in.

Backstage Talk On Eva Marie & Piper Niven

Dave Meltzer chimed in on Eva and Piper during the recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. He talked about WWE’s plan for the twosome, moving forward.

Sounds like Piper Niven will be doing the wrestling, so Eva doesn’t have to. This means Marie still gets television time without having to square off against competitors.

As Meltzer put it, Niven can wrestle. Therefore, Marie can steal the show in her outfits weekly, while Piper shows off her skills in the ring.

Eva will end up taking credit for the wins, but she won’t have to do anything. This seems like the angle as of now.

Eva Marie and Piper Niven Program?

For those that tuned into Monday Night RAW, you would’ve noticed that Niven wasn’t given a name. While the announce team was impressed, they didn’t call her by name.

This piqued the curiosity of fans. Will Niven have a new name on the main roster?

Sean Ross Sapp noted that there have been some pitches about a new name. One that has been floating around is “Doudrop”.

Piper and Eva have an interesting storyline right now. One that could lead the NXT UK talent and Total Divas to feud.

Speaking of Total Divas, a former castmate and WWE announcer recently announced she’s officially a mom! Renee Paquette hopped onto social media to relay the good news!

Renee Paquette Is A Mom

Jon Moxley and Renee Paquette are parents to a baby girl. The couple welcomed their first daughter earlier this morning.

Eva Marie Piper Niven

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

Renee confirmed on Twitter that she’s going to have to take a break from her podcast. Several guest hosts, including baby daddy Jon, will help replace her for now.

Moxley announced Renee’s pregnancy during an AEW Dynamite episode in November of last year. Paquette announced the name of their daughter this past May.

The two decided to name their baby girl Nora, after Renee’s grandmother, Eleanor. Paquette hasn’t slowed down too much during pregnancy, continuing with her Oral Sessions podcast.

Time Off For Renee and Jon

Renee’s last two quests on the show were recently signed AEW star, Mark Henry and Tommy End (a.k.a. Aleister Black). The two were on her podcast last week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

Jon Moxley has remained busy leading up to fatherhood. He appeared at the most recent AEW event, Double or Nothing.

Moxley and Eddie Kingston challenged the AEW World Tag Champions, the Young Bucks. Sadly, they were unsuccessful at capturing the titles.

Nothing has been made official, yet, but there’s a good chance Moxley will exit storylines for a brief time. He’ll need to work on his diaper changing and baby swaddling skills, no doubt.

On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we extend our congratulations to the couple. We hope they enjoy the crazy adventure of parenthood!

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