AEW Wrestler Joey Janela Shows Off His Gym Body In Twitter Post

Aew star Joey janella shows off gym body
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AEW star Joey Janela showed off his gym body this week in a Twitter post. With it, it is clear Joey wants a bigger role in AEW.

AEW Wrestler Joey Janela Is Proud Of Gym Body


Joey Janela is eyeing up the spotlight in AEW. This much was clear when he displayed his gym body in a social media post.

With the post, Joey is embracing a heel persona. Obviously, this could be a sign that bigger things are to come for the wrestler.

Unfortunately, Joey is currently suffering from an injury. As he is not currently clear to wrestle, we will have to make do with these photos.

Despite the injury, many wrestlers on the sidelines usually find themselves out of shape. It seems the Joey is not planning to let his moment slip by.

From the photograph, it is very clear that Joey is in incredible shape. While he did lose to Adam Page on May 28th, I think Janela’s return will be one to watch.

For the past year or so, Janela has been somewhat on the sidelines. But it does seem like he does not want to stay there.

Triple H once said that being complacent is one of the worst things for a wrestling career. So, AEW should certainly pay attention to the effort Janela is putting in despite not wrestling at the moment.

Championship Gold?

Joey Janela

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Up until recently, Joey Janela fell in the shadow of Sonny Kiss. That being said, there might be other plans in the works for the popular wrestler.

A rift has happened between Sonny and Joey. In other words, Janela may be hitting up the singles division upon his return.

At the time of this article, Joey still needs some championship gold. So far, he has been drifting in the mid-card without any serious opportunities.

Despite a lack of championship gold, Janela has faced some of the bigger talents. Since he joined AEW in 2019, he faced Adam Page, Jon Moxley, and countless others.

While Janela lacks championship gold in AEW, he has countless accolades outside of AEW. Some of these include the WrestlePro Tag Team Championship and PWS Championship.

Unfortunately, Janela does not have too many wins in AEW since he joined. So, maybe the new look and some extra motivation will change this.

AEW brass will need to take a good look at Janela and decide what to do with him upon his return. After all, the wrestler is currently signed under a three-year deal until 2022.

It is time to build some big singles competitors. While the factions are great, it would be good to have a little more singles competition.

So far, the company did great building the likes of Jon Moxley, Cody Rhodes, and Kenny Omega. But their focus currently lies on the many factions on the brand.

How great would it be if there was another serious singles competitor to go for the AEW Championship? Or maybe another singles competitor to make the road to the title more interesting?

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