AEW Tony Khan Video Game Division Investment

AEW boss Tony Khan has now responded to the criticism by Forbes regarding his investment in his video game division. According to Tony Khan, the investment is a smart one.

Tony Khan Defends Video Game Division Investment

Tony Khan Video Game Division Investment

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While speaking to PWInsider, Tony Khan responded to the criticism to his video game division investment. Remember, Forbes criticized Khan for investing $20 million into the division.

Khan thinks it is funny how they tried to turn the investment into something negative. In fact, Khan said the investment is even worth a lot more now.

“It’s crazy because that’s going to be an even bigger investment that’s going to pay off huge. I have made this huge eight figure investment into video games, but we won’t see any revenue from that until 2022. That’s why it’s not going to pay off in 2021 on our books.”

“We are going to deliver a great game for people next year and are going to make a ton of money. We’ll be very profitable on all things next year.”

AEW is releasing its first wrestling game, which should rival WWE’s 2K wrestling games. Considering the poor reviews of the last WWE wrestling game, it is certainly the right time for AEW to strike.

In addition to speaking about his success with his extracurricular investments, Tony also spoke about his wrestling business.

Profitable Wrestling Business

Tony Khan

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Tony Khan briefly spoke about the profit AEW is currently getting. According to him, his wrestling division is significantly profitable. 

Obviously, we have to put this into perspective. Since AEW is only two years young, it would be extremely difficult to turn a profit already.

But according to Khan, his wrestling business is doing great. And when you look at the ever-growing fanbase, he is definitely telling the truth. 

Khan also acknowledges how special it is to turn a profit on a startup company.

“Pretty amazing for a startup that has had the level of investment that we have had and the in the amount of time this has been going.”

In addition to being a startup, AEW also had to deal with a global pandemic. This global pandemic hit the WWE particularly hard. 

Instead of having to cut back like the WWE did, AEW actually grew during the global pandemic. While the WWE had to fire people, All Elite Wrestling acquired more.

Some of their acquired wrestlers were released by the WWE earlier during the pandemic. For these wrestlers, All Elite Wrestling brings a new and exciting platform.

So where is AEW heading? Well, the sky is the limit, especially when seeing the commitment and energy of its boss Tony Khan.

AEW is having a lot of pay-per-views in the nearby future. And the company is also looking forward to touring with All Elite Wrestling.

From TV contracts to an increasingly large number of subscribers, things have been looking pretty great for AEW. Needless to say, we are looking forward to their video game and hope it is just as good as their current wrestling product.