WWE Officials Panned Blood & Guts, AEW Creative Blooper Revealed

wwe panned blood & guts
Source: custom, AEW Twitter screenshot

AEW’s latest event was held recently, and you may find it interesting that WWE officials panned Blood & Guts. Plus, an AEW creative blooper has been revealed by an interesting source.

WWE Officials Panned Blood & Guts

Fans know that AEW and WWE watch each other…so it may not be a shock to learn that WWE officials panned Blood & Guts.

That was, of course, the most recent AEW PPV-level offering.

To be fair, WWE officials wouldn’t be the only ones who panned Blood & Guts.

Plenty of fans took to Twitter after the event to poke fun at it. Some said it was as bad, or even worse, than the dud explosion from not that long ago.

Well, the WWE officials who panned Blood & Guts? They had some interesting things to say.

According to PWInsider, WWE officials reportedly panned Blood & Guts, saying it set back wrestling 30 years.

I think that particular criticism is likely a bit too unfair and inaccurate.

However, a couple other criticisms may be much more spot on.

One noted that some bumps were reminiscent of Shane McMahon (there was a Coast-to-Coast, and the cage top bump).

wwe panned blood & guts

Source: custom, AEW Twitter screenshot

Another, justifiably so, ripped the bad blade job.

What was perhaps just as interesting? Supposedly, some Superstars actually praised the match and seemed interested in similar creative moves.

I have two remarks on the two more fair gripes.

On the cage top spot? Shane wasn’t the first to do it, he won’t be the last, and he certainly did not revolutionize the spot.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? So even if you (wrongly) feel that is a spot that Shane owns…if you can’t beat them, join them.

I don’t think anyone can disagree with the blade job complaint, to be honest.

Yes, some matches call for color, and I don’t dispute that a big cage match likely does…but don’t be so bad and obvious about it.

The biggest complaints I would have about Blood & Guts? The very obvious gigged landing spot, and if I were a live customer…only one live match.

Aside from that…WWE officials need not worry about AEW when it comes to setting the industry back 30 years. WWE Creative has done plenty of that all by themselves.

AEW Creative Blooper Revealed

Since coming to be, many AEW loyalists have praised their booking. Well, one AEW creative blooper was revealed.

The reveal was made on a recent Wrestling Observer radio show, and it was made by long time veteran performer Lance Storm.

Storm made note of a major creative blooper. This came about during a conversation where WWE Creative was taking a beating.

Mind you, WWE Creative getting a beating is not unwarranted. However, Lance Storm made sure to point out that AEW is far from infallible.

The veteran performer pointed out that Britt Baker went from being destroyed in an unsanctioned match one week…to being the #1 contender shortly after.

AEW Creative blooper revealed

Source: custom, AEW Twitter screenshot

What did she do between being destroyed and becoming the #1 contender? Not a blessed thing.

Storm’s point was no doubt more to make everyone realize that NO creative department is perfect, and even AEW sometimes creates plot holes.

That’s one AEW creative blooper revealed. Surely there will be more, but just remember…no one is perfect.

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