WWE Nixed Faction Return, AEW Tag Team Broken Up Following Turn

wwe nixed faction return
source: custom, WWE YouTube screenshot

While the company does often revive prior ideas, in this case we have learned that WWE nixed a faction return. Also, this week saw an AEW tag team broken up following a heel turn.

WWE Nixed Faction Return

We’ve seen plenty of reunions and returns in pro wrestling, but in this case, we have heard that WWE nixed a faction return.

That faction in this instance would be the dominant NXT faction known as Sanity (apologies for not doing the stylization).

Over recent years, there have been plenty of examples of a person or group who excelled in NXT, only to graduate to the main roster and be squandered.

In that mind, Sanity could be one of the greatest examples of that. Of the group’s members, only one-Nikki Cross-remains on either RAW or SmackDown at this point.

One member (Killian Dain) is back in NXT, and the rest of the group is out of the company entirely.

wwe nixed faction return

source: custom, WWE YouTube screenshot

Well, apparently a faction return of Sanity was pitched at one point.

However, WWE nixed the faction return.

The news comes by way of an interview given by Alexander Wolfe, who is becoming the latest member of the faction to exit WWE.

His departure was covered as part of the recent WWE releases, but in this case, his was less a release and more of WWE letting his contract expire.

Same net effect, but different semantics, if you will.

Per Wolfe, prior to the pandemic that hit the world in 2020, there was chatter regarding the faction returning.

As with many other things, the shutdowns related to the pandemic changed or cancelled a lot of plans.

Relative to a return for Sanity, it cancelled it entirely. That became crystal clear when the leader of the group, Eric Young, was part of WWE’s first COVID cuts last spring.

It is a shame that the group fizzled out to begin with, as they were one of the better groups in NXT. Arguably, what they did in NXT is how or what WWE should have been aiming for with the disastrous Retribution angle…but that is water under the bridge now.

AEW Tag Team Broken Up Following Turn

Tag teams come and tag teams go, it’s just part of wrestling. Now, an AEW tag team has been broken up following a heel turn.

Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss have been a team for a good bit, but their team is no more.

aew tag team breaks up following turn

source: custom, CagesideSeats screenshot

On the recent AEW DARK, Sonny Kiss lost to Brian Cage, and suffered a post-match beating.

Janela came down, presumably to make the save…but turned around and left instead.

His response is a bit comical, and would only look like it wasn’t a heel thing if, you know…he hadn’t shown up and turned around.

So, by all accounts, outside of Janela saying “everything is OK”, it looks like AEW has one less team thanks to a heel turn.