Which Free Agent Chris Jericho Wants, Jinder Mahal’s New Stable

free agent chris jericho
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Considering WWE just cut a bunch of Superstars loose, now is a good time to find out which free agent Chris Jericho wants in AEW. Plus, nearing a return, we have news on Jinder Mahal’s new stable.

Which Free Agent Chris Jericho Wants

As is becoming an annual April thing, WWE cut some Superstars loose…so we can ask which free agent Chris Jericho wants in AEW.

Officially, we didn’t ask the question…but it was asked, and we bring it to you here.

In fact, Chris Jericho got to talk with the world famous New York Post. One question they covered?

free agent chris jericho

Source: custom, AEW Twitter screenshot

Which free agent Chris Jericho wants in AEW.

Like we mentioned at the start…WWE just added a handful to the free agent market, including a couple bigger names.

In the interview, Jericho listed a couple wants.

Well, one was a maybe, one was an absolute.

The maybe was an interesting name drop. Chris Jericho implied that, should Tucker get some good work in on the indies, he could imagine him coming in to AEW.

The most notable (and kind of obvious) name? Samoa Joe.

It’s not hard to see why Joe would be the free agent Chris Jericho wants in AEW. There are quite a few dream match possibilities there.

Plus, just the idea of actually getting Samoa Joe back into the ring is something so many fans are hoping for.

So, Samoa Joe is the big free agent Chris Jericho wants in AEW. I’d bet dollars to donuts that Joe is the free agent many fans want to see in AEW too.

Jinder Mahal’s New Stable

Jinder Mahal has had a quiet last couple years, as he has recovered from injuries. Now, Jinder Mahal’s new stable may have been revealed.

In previous runs on the main roster, the former champion has worked alongside The Bollywood Boys.

The Boys are now primarily working on 205 Live…and rather than move them, it seems WWE has something else in mind.

jinder mahal's new stable

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There was a massive tag team that has sporadically appeared in NXT. Indus Sher has had some flashes, but not much else.

What we know about them is that the two men are massive wrestlers from India.

Now, it appears they may make up the rest of Jinder Mahal’s new stable.

While Jinder Mahal has not been seen on RAW or SmackDown in a while, that may be changing.

According to a Twitter post, Mahal worked a match against Jeff Hardy for the most recent Main Event tapings.

Following that thread, we see Mahal victorious, and flanked by Indus Sher.

With WWE always looking to engage new and growing markets, they are eager to get more Indian Superstars. It makes sense, and if Indus Sher can get over off of Jinder Mahal’s prior successes, all the better.

Getting Mahal alone back could be a nice change for RAW or SmackDown. Adding Indus Sher to the mix makes things that much more intriguing.

A new (and, honestly, massive) likely heel stable? There are certainly worse ideas.