Update On Enzo Amore After Being Knocked Unconscious And Hospitalized

WWE Enzo Amore Health Update
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nZo (formerly known as Enzo Amore) was knocked out on Saturday night. The former WWE wrestler seems to be out of the woods.

What Happened To nZo?

Enzo Amore Health Update
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

nZo was working an independent show in Texas when the incident happened. Based on witness statements, it all went wrong after Enzo took a DDT on the floor.

Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer discussed the incident on Wrestling Observer Radio. 

“Enzo was doing a show tonight and apparently took a DDT during a spot outside and got knocked unconscious and the story was he was taken to the hospital, and hopefully he’s alright.  That’s all we know right now.”

Since Enzo was knocked out cold, many fans in attendance were concerned. Fortunately, it seems the injury is less severe than first thought. 

Health Update On Enzo Amore

Enzo amore
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

While there are no specific details on the condition of Enzo, there is a glimmer of hope. After all, the wrestler took to social media to thank fans. 

Since Enzo is conscious, this is good news. Of course, we have no idea if Enzo suffered a head injury or not. 

Enzo Amore was unconscious after his accident. It is likely that the hospital will run a bunch of tests to rule out brain damage.

Of course, head injuries are not that uncommon among wrestlers. But it could mean that Enzo will be out for several weeks in the future. 

It remains to be seen how many indie bookings will be affected from his absence.

What Is Enzo Amore Doing Now?

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Enzo Amore has been working the indie circuit since his release from the WWE. However, he also tried his hand at a rapping career.

Shortly after his WWE release, he released a number of rap songs. His best known rap song was his first, which was released under the name “Phoenix”.

Enzo also released several albums, more specifically Rosemary’s Baby Pt. 1: Happy Birthday and Born in N.J.

Amore eventually returned to pro wrestling under the ring name nZo. He made his debut for Northeast Wrestling (NEW) on June 15, 2019. 

Enzo also reunited with his former WWE tag team partner Big Cass a.k.a. CaZXL. Amore returned by interfering in a match between Jon Moxley and CaZXL.

nZo would wrestle his first singles match against Brian Pillman Jr. during NEW’s Prison Break. He defeated the wrestler and made his mark on the indies from that point onward.

While Brian Pillman Jr. is now at AEW, Amore has remained on the indies. Most recently, he had a match in Texas for SWE.

At this point in time, it is unlikely Enzo will end up on one of the bigger promotions. Unfortunately, his controversial behavior after his release has most of the indie promotions running scared. 

The same applies to Big Cass, who has been surrounded by controversy since his release from the WWE. Of course, never say never.

There is always a path to redemption and it seems like Cass and Enzo are both trying to walk it. So, let’s hope Enzo makes a full recovery and returns to wrestling soon.

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