Tom Philips Is Let Go, WWE Creative Wants Finn Balor On Main Roster

Tom Philips Let Go
Source: Rampaiged Widow, Twitter, Screenshot

In an unexpected turn of events, WWE announcer Tom Philips has been let go from the company. More information on this, below.

Tom Philips Is Let Go

WWE is currently thining their roster and headquarters. The company has released a slew of superstars, talent, and employees in recent weeks and months.

The newest edition to the “let go” list is Tom Philips. According to Fightful, he’s no longer with the WWE.

Before this, Philips sat at the RAW commentary table. Then, Adnan Virk replaced him in April.

Early this week, news broke that Virk was released of these duties. It’s been announced that Jimmy Smith will be replacing Adnan as of this Monday night.

Tom’s A Free Agent

As of this writing, the WWE has yet to make a statement about Tom Philip’s release. However, according to Fightful’s report, he is part of the string of backstage and WWE Studio releases underway.

Tom Philips is a long-time WWE talent. He joined the company back in 2012.

During his career, he interviewed talents backstage, did play-by-play commentary, and was even in some storylines.

He was on RAW, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT UK, and NXT. Some fans really enjoyed his work, and he will be missed.

Sounds like NXT call-ups are on the horizon. Finn Balor recently noted during a recent interview that he hopes to return to the main roster.

He’s not the only one who wants this. According to reports, WWE Creative is asking for him, too. More on this, below.

WWE Creative Wants Finn Balor On Main Roster

Karrion Kross defeated Finn Balor this week for the NXT Championship. This is enough to raise questions about Balor’s status on the brand.

Tom Philips Let Go

Source: WWE on Comic Book, Twitter, Screenshot

WrestleVotes on Twitter released an interesting post, recently. It’s about WWE Creative requesting Balor’s main roster call-up.

It’s interesting to note that this is coming from the RAW Creative team. Will fans see Balor on the Red brand anytime, soon?

Finn Balor Has “Served” His Purpose For NXT

During a recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer chimed in on Finn Balor. He did hint that his NXT run could be coming to a close.

As per Meltzer, Balor was placed on NXT was to go against AEW. As that “fight” is over, he could be on the main roster at some point soon.

Dave stated that Balor “served his purpose” on NXT. He brought star power to the brand, plus veteran knowledge.

Balor signed with the WWE in 2014 and debuted in NXT in October of that year. Two years later, he got called up to the main roster.

He would move on to become the very first Universal Champion at the 2016 SummerSlam. Sadly, he relinquished the title, due to an injury obtained during that match.

While on the main roster, he also held the Intercontinental Championship, twice. He was on both RAW and SmackDown.

Then, Finn was sent to NXT in 2019. During this time, he added a two-time NXT Championship reign to his resume.

Sounds like RAW is really keen on getting Finn. The show could certainly use the pick me up!