Tamina Received A WWE Push Due To Enormous Fan Support

Tamina fan support at WrestleMania 37 gave her push
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Tamina enjoyed massive fan support at WrestleMania 37. Naturally, this prompted the WWE to provide the veteran with a renewed push.

Reminiscent of Daniel Bryan?

Tamina enjoys great fan support at WWE WrestleMania

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

WWE veteran Tamina enjoyed great fan support at WrestleMania 37. This caused the WWE to provide her with a renewed push. 

Of course, this story may sound familiar. After all, a similar success story happened to Daniel Bryan.

Bryan was pegged to be mid-card forever. However, fans had different ideas.

As fans stood squarely behind Bryan, the WWE gave him a title shot. The rest is history.

Tamina’s recent success shows that the WWE does sometimes listen to fans. Even though it is a decade in the making.

And it seems the main media channels agree with the overall sentiment. According to Dave Meltzer:

 “Tamina‚Äôs push came because the fans started chanting her name at WrestleMania, the one night, or the two nights that you actually have fans, and they (WWE) went with it.

“That was one of the stories at WrestleMania, was, cult reason or whatever, irony or whatever, the crowd got behind her and the decision was made (to push her).”

Tamina finally got rewarded for her efforts though. This past week on SmackDown, Natalya and Tamina won the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

A title is long overdue for Tamina, who has been incredibly loyal to the WWE. Until now, the wrestler was short on accolades, as she only won one title.

Tamina is an experienced and loyal WWE wrestler though. If you are not yet familiar with Tamina’s past, here is the lowdown.

Tamina’s History


Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

Many fans know Tamina has been around for a very long time. In fact, she made her debut in the WWE in 2010.

Tamina came out as a heel character along with her cousins the Usos. Interestingly enough, she attacked the Hart Dynasty, which included Natalya.

Natalya is now her tag team partner, and also a veteran of the wrestling business. 

Over the years, Tamina has been involved in numerous storylines. Unfortunately, she did have a lack of titles over the years.

During the 10 years she has been in the WWE, she only won two titles. She won the 24/7 championship and now the women’s tag team championships.

In 2012, Tamina ranked 19th in the PWI Female 50 list. The accolades on the other hand are still to be captured.

Naturally, Tamina needs a serious singles reign with the fan support she got at WrestleMania 37. Of course, veterans such as Natalya and Tamina can do a lot with the tag titles.

The women’s tag team titles have been somewhat in the background lately. With Tamina and Natalya, the title could mean something again.

Despite a lack of titles, Tamina is a Hall of Fame worthy wrestler. It would be nice to see some more titles on her in the future though.

Maybe a singles title run could be in the work in the nearby future? But for now, she will continue with the women’s tag team championship and hopefully make it great.

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