Ryback Legitimately Slapped Ricky Starks, Andrade & AEW Talking

Ryback Slapped Ricky Starks
Source: Fightful Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Years ago, Ricky Starks was working as an extra for WWE when Ryback legitimately slapped him. Also, Andrade and AEW are talking about a possible deal.

Ryback Legitimately Slapped Ricky Starks

In pro wrestling, very few simply ask to join WWE and it happens. Usually, the person has to have experience inside the squared circle or at least have an athletic background.

Before even joining the developmental system or NXT, wrestlers are often used in backstage segments or as enchantment talent. Then, if WWE likes what they see, an offer can be made.

Like many, AEW’s Ricky Starks worked as an extra for WWE. In particular, he was part of a backstage segment with Ryback.

At the time, Ryback was a heel and feuding with WWE Champion John Cena. The two were building towards a table match.

So, during the 2013 segment, Ryback was in the back and ran into so called arena workers. One of those was Starks, who Ryback harassed, slapped and put through a table.

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While speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Starks noted how Ryback legitimately slapped him three times in the face. Starks was not told ahead of time that Ryback would do such.

Ricky Starks On The Ryback Slap And WWE’s Reaction 

“I got slapped in the face three times,” said Starks. “He never told me he was going to slap me, so when you see me tense up, that’s legit.” 

“Initially, I was trying to cry and Michael Hayes came to me and was like, ‘You ain’t gonna cry like that in a real fight, would you?’ I said, ‘Hell nah, you’re right. I’d bow up to a motherf—.’” 

“I really enjoyed it; they paid for my shirt that he ripped up. I remember walking to the back and The Miz and CM Punk were like, ‘good job on the segment.’ That was the end of it.”

Starks never signed with WWE, but did join AEW last year. He is part of Team Taz and there are high hopes for the young man.

Currently, Starks is out with a fractured neck. He is supposed to be out of action for three months, but still plans to appear on TV.

As for Ryback, he left WWE on bad terms. Since then, he has worked some Indy shows and also stays busy on social media.

Although, Ryback’s social media account is often met with fans mocking him.

Andrade & AEW Talking

Source: WhatCulture Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

AEW is always looking to build their roster and sometimes that includes former WWE superstars. Now, the latest name being discussed is Andrade. 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned how the two sides have spoken. But, there is no word on how those talks went and where both parties stand.

After being off TV for months, Andrade requested his WWE release. They granted him the release on March 8 and he is free to sign anywhere as he no 90-day non-compete clause.

Andrade is currently with AAA and challenged Kenny Omega to title match at TripleMania XXIX. So far, Omega’s only response was he needed to think about it.