Reaction To WWE Touring Again, 2 Backstage Names Praised

Reaction WWE Touring Again
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With the company poised to return to the road, we’ve got some reaction to WWE touring again. And with all the shuffling and changes going on, 2 backstage names are praised.

Reaction To WWE Touring Again

By now, we all know that the summer will be busy for pro wrestling fans, and with the return to the road, we’ve got reaction to WWE touring again.

According to PWInsider, the reactions are…a bit mixed.

There is optimism for sure, but there is also apprehension from some Superstars.

Some are said to be hopeful for pay bumps, driven by the returning live fans and perhaps rebounding merchandise sales. 

Others are cautious, not sure how things will go with ticket sales. There is an open question of, will fans come back, and in what numbers?

It is worth pointing out that WWE (and AEW, too) are not the first sporting events to return to live fans. Many others have done so already, and plenty more will have done so by the time WWE begins touring again.

In most, if not all, instances, things returned basically to normal. Now, that is no guarantee that WWE will enjoy a similar experience.

But, it may not be too crazy to think it’s probable.

Many are eager to get back to “normal”. People want to go out, have fun, and do things that they have not been able to do in over a year.

That should include taking in live events like WWE’s RAW and SmackDown.

With WWE touring again beginning mid-July, we should see it soon enough. Ticket sales to the first events go on sale this week.

Therefore, the company ought to have an indication in the very near future as to what demand or interest is.

We know what some backstage reactions to WWE touring again is, as detailed. With ticket sales and live show attendance, the next couple months will tell us a lot about fan reaction to WWE touring again too.

2 Backstage Names Praised

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It hasn’t been great HR news for many within WWE recently, but 2 backstage names have been praised amidst the chaos.

On May 25, WWE released a number of employees in another series of cuts. At the same time, very recently added announcer Adnan Virk and the company agreed to mutually part ways.

So, jobs haven’t really been all that safe of late…but yet, 2 backstage names have been praised.

Those two are Jason Jordan and John Cone.

That news comes from PWInsider. Per the report, both men have been getting rave reviews from the talent, which is good seeing as their jobs are in the Talent Relations department.

Both men fall under the recently promoted John Laurinaitis. 

It’s been mentioned that John Cone slid into Mark Carrano’s old spot. That became vacant following the terrible handling of Mickie James’ exit.

For Jordan, the former Superstar is really making the best of his early retirement from the ring. He’s doing so well, he’s assumed Laurinaitis’ old role.

With both men being in talent relations, and getting great reviews from the talent they are working with, that should bode well for their job security moving forward.