RAW Announcer Adnan Virk Let Go, Alexa Bliss’ Pet Pig Passes Away

RAW Announcer Adnan Virk
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Adnan Virk became the new Monday Night RAW announcer on April 12th of this year. He replaced Tom Philips. Sadly, his career with the WWE has already ended. Reports have surfaced that he was let go from the company.

RAW Announcer Adnan Virk Let Go

Well, that didn’t last long! Mere weeks after Adnan Virk stepped in as the new RAW announcer at the commentary table, he’s been let go.

WWE issued a statement noting that both parties have agreed to part ways. According to the statement, it was a “mutual” decision.

The WWE thanked Adnan for his work. It’s important to note that he had no pro wrestling experience before the role.

Adnan Virk and the WWE

Reports indicate that Virk was brought to RAW’s commentary table by WWE President Nick Khan. Virk was criticized from the get-go, despite most fans knowing how challenging the job can be.

Renee Paquette was someone who instantly came to Adnan’s defense. She knows all too well about the learning curve with the role and the obstacles around it.

It can’t be easy learning on the go. Especially live, in front of millions of viewers.

Here’s hoping that Virk can fluff this off and move forward. While he may not have a career in the WWE, but he’s talented.

Adnan worked on ESPN, TSN, as well as DAZN, and the MLB Network. He also hosts and produces a weekly podcast called the Cinephile with Adnan Virk.

Additionally, he co-hosts another podcast that focuses on football, with Michael Lombardi, a former NFL executive. It’s called the GM Shuffle.

While Adnan may have lost his job today, Alexa Bliss has lost something major, too. Her pet pig Larry Steve passed away.

Alexa Bliss’ Pet Pig Passes Away

Our pets become our family, so when one of them passes on, a piece of our hearts does, as well. Sadly, Alexa Bliss’s pig recently fell ill. She reached out to some vets, who refused to treat her pet pig, Larry Steve.

RAW Announcer Adnan Virk

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WNZ has learned that poor Larry died today. Bliss was very close to Larry Steve and seemed quite upset when he was in pain yesterday.

According to PW Insider, Alexa Bliss was backstage for last night’s Monday Night RAW. However, due to storyline reasons, she did not appear.

This may have been a good thing, since her pet pig, Larry Steve, was in a ton of pain before she left for the show. He was going through a very hard time.

What Happened?

She was in desperate need of a vet. Sadly, despite reaching out to several veterinarians, they refused to treat Larry.

It’s unknown why Larry was so ill. But, unfortunately, whatever was going on, he succumbed to it.

Alexa took the time to post a photo of her holding Larry’s hoof on social media, early today. Many WWE superstars commented on the post, offering their condolences.

It’s never easy losing a pet. On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, our thoughts go out to Bliss during this very difficult time.