NXT Wrestler Told He Is Not TV Ready, Hair Vs. Hair Match Rumored

Wrestler Not TV Ready
Source: B/R Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

A recent report reveals an NXT wrestler was told they were not “ready” for TV. This can be a hard thing to go through when you see your tag team partner debut on Main Event and RAW, without you.

NXT Wrestler Told He Is Not TV Ready

Jinder Mahal returned to WWE’s Main Event two weeks ago. The last time fans saw the former WWE Champion was the Superstar Spectacle, last January.

Mahal would move on to make a comeback on Monday Night RAW last week. He was accompanied by two large men, both times.

As per Fightful Select, Jinder was ready for TV for months now. There seems to be a nice faction forming with Mahal, as well as Shanky and Veer by his side.

With that said, many fans are left wondering why Saurav did not join the debut. However, there was a good reason why only one member of NXT’s Indus Sher hit the main roster.

Saurav Not Ready For TV

According to the report, it was determined that Saurav of Indus Sher was “not ready” for TV. There’s no more information around his plans moving forward.

The NXT faction, originally managed by Malcolm Bivens, recently broke up. Mahal will probably continue his comeback run with only Veer and Shanky by his side.

But can these two henchmen help bring Jinder back to main event status? Can they push him towards the title race picture or WWE championship run?

Only time will tell. Meanwhile, over to WWE’s SmackDown women’s division, could a hair versus hair match be on the horizon?

Hair Vs. Hair Match Rumoured

It’s been a long while since a female superstar has had to jeopardize her hair for a storyline. Things always get a little more interesting when hair is at stake for a program.

Wrestler Not TV Ready

Source: wwe.america, Twitter, Screenshot

When Bayley turned heel on SmackDown, she got a ton of attention. She not only chopped her hair off but also slashed her Bayley Buddies to prove she was a baddie.

She’s had a fantastic heel run. Plus, her current program with Bianca Belair has been stellar.

Bianca’s Ponytail

Bianca has used that ponytail to score wins recently. In fact, she retained her SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania Backlash thanks to it.

This really upset The Role Model. Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Live recently talked about the current situation between Bayley and Belair.

Bianca used her ponytail to defeat Bayley. He believes all arrows are pointing toward a hair versus hair gimmick match.

If that’s the case, his feeling is that Bayley could go bald. This could add to her heel image.

There’s little chance that Blair would have to cut off her ponytail. This is a strong part of her current persona.

Reports surfaced last year that Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were headed down the same path in their feud. The gimmick match was put on hold, at that point.

This is because Sonya could not have her head shaved during her stalker trial. Therefore, the match was placed on the backburner.

WWE might have circled back to the idea. With Bianca’s ponytail in the spotlight, the idea that she may have to cut it off (and lose her title) is intriguing.