Mr. T gives his opinion on WWE generational superstars
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Mr. T recently spoke with Wrestling Inc and gave his opinion about WWE generational superstars. And it seems the movie star only has good things to say.

Randy Orton, The Rock And Charlotte Flair

Mr. T WWE Generational Superstars

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During a recent interview, Mr. T gave his opinion on the generational superstars in the WWE. And it seems the movie star has some positive vibes for all the multiple generation superstars.

“When I first heard the name [Randy Orton], I was like, ‘Man, I wonder if that’s Cowboy Orton’s son.’ And it was! I said, ‘Oh man, this is wild.’ Watching him has just been really amazing. Thinking about how far we’ve come, all the way from Madison Square Garden to here. I’ve seen the new guys and stuff like that. I would think, ‘Man, I know this guy’ because I know his father, and stuff like that. Even with The Rock, I remember his father Rocky Johnson. Man, it’s just amazing. Now you look at the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, his daughter. It’s just special.”

According to Mr. T, generational wrestlers more than meet the expectations in his opinion. And we cannot say he is wrong.

Since coming to the main roster, Charlotte and Randy Orton have captured countless titles. They also had dominant title reigns.

Of course, The Rock is probably the most obvious success story. After all, he went from pro wrestling to Hollywood without much as a second thought. 

While these superstars had big shoes to fill, they certainly met expectations!

Mr. T And The WWE

Mr. T Hall of Fame

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Mr. T was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. This was because of his appearances in the late 1980’s in WCW as well as WWF.

Check out this video:

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While Mr. T did not spend too long in the wrestling ring, his tenure did leave a lasting impression on the actor.

Mr. T spoke about being a role model to young fans: 

“I think back to meeting fans and they’d tell me about WrestleMania, and I am honored. Like I said, I want to live off of that. I want to work hard. Don’t want to let nobody down. I still want the fans, the young fans of people to look up to me. That’s why I watch what I do, I watch what I say. I don’t want to mislead nobody. I’m not an angel. I’m not a saint. But I can be a lawful citizen that shows people to study hard in school, stay away from the wrong crowd, stuff like that.”

“I talk a lot about how I’m an old-fashioned momma’s boy, and I want kids to draw from that. You know, ‘Mr. T loves his mother, and he ain’t no simp.’ Don’t worry about what they call you. You keep on loving your mother.”

After that statement, Mr. T is certainly a good role model. Of course, anyone who spends some time in the WWE often needs that impeccable reputation.

Mr. T is one of the few who succeeded.