Karl Anderson Accused Of Cheating By Wife, Michael Cole Praised

Karl Anderson Accused Cheating
Source: PWStream, Twitter, Screenshot

Yet again, Karl Anderson has been accused of cheating by his wife. Also, Michael Cole is being praised following all the changes to the announce teams.

Karl Anderson Accused Of Cheating By Wife

Karl Anderson has been a busy man as of late. Despite being let go from WWE, he signed with Impact Wrestling and also has been part of AEW.

By now, we all know The Elite has somewhat reformed with Kenny Omega as the leader. Then, there are The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) and The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson).

They have been busy jumping between the two promotions, but Anderson might have extra on his plate. In now deleted tweets, his wife accused him of a drinking problem and cheating.

If the story sounds familiar, it should. Back in October, Anderson’s wife, Christine Bui, made similar accusations. Also, she said that Anderson called her a “slut” via text message for putting their personal life on social media.

Not long after, it seemed like everything had been resolved as the two were on better terms. They even joked about getting a swimming pool to keep the peace.

Well, it seems Anderson is once again in hot water. Like the first time, his wife is making similar claims.

Anderson was in Florida when his wife’s phone rang at 3am. The dial was a mistake and Christine said she heard women in the background laughing.

The Tweets From Karl Anderson’s Wife 

She tweeted,

“Husband’s phone accidentally called me at 3 am and woke me up and I heard a lot of commotion in the background and girls laughing. He doesn’t want to tell me the truth of what happened. Who saw him and what did he do in Jacksonville till 3 am?”

She would follow-up with another tweet, where she mentions alcoholism destroying families and her husband needs help.

The other tweet stated,

“Of course I know what he really did! The real matter is that he has a drinking problem that he won’t admit and refuses to get real help. Maybe you all can help! Alcoholism really tears families apart and sometimes you gotta go extreme like this to save someone”

Unfortunately, this is a very messy situation that has gone public. If Anderson does have a problem with alcohol, then he needs help.

For now, Christine has deleted the Twitter account; which was set to private at one point. Hopefully, Anderson and his family can get back on the same page.

Michael Cole Praised

Source: Wrestle Critic, Twitter, Screenshot

It has been a tough week for many of the backstage names. Over 60 names were let go and that included color commenters Adnan Virk and Tom Phillips.

Still, there is Micael Cole, who joined WWE back in 1995. He took slack for awhile because he would eventually replace the legendary Jim Ross.

According to Fightful Select, the opinion of Cole has dramatically changed. With all the changes the past year to commentators, talent is seeing Cole as a true asset to WWE.

Even when he makes botches, like in the main event of WrestleMania 37 between Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks, people see it as a simple mistake. Regarding the call, Cole admitted to his mistake backstage.

Then, by admitting to his mistakes, Cole gained more respect from the locker room. Basically, if Cole and WWE can keep agreeing to work together, he could be there for decades to follow.