Bobby Lashley Promises Title Shot For Dave Bautista If He Returns

WWE Bobby Lashley gives title shot to Dave Bautista
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Bobby Lashley recently revealed that he gave a title shot to his friend Dave Bautista. The two recently met up near a restaurant.

WWE Champ Bobby Lashley Gives Instant Title Shot To Dave Bautista

WWE Bobby Lashley title shot for Dave Bautista

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEWWEVerified

Recently, Bobby Lashley took to social media and shared several photographs of himself with Dave Bautista. He also revealed that the star would get an instant title shot, if certain conditions were met.

“So good seeing my good friend @davebautista. And Yes I will give you a title shot if you ever return!”

Bautista has officially retired from pro wrestling. And, he is still waiting for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Dave Bautista was supposed to be inducted this year. Unfortunately, Bautista preferred to be inducted with a live audience.

Lashley did make a strong statement though. If Bautista comes out of retirement, then he gets an instant title shot.

Of course, we should never say never when it comes to Bautista. In fact, some of his own statements hinted at a possible return.

We would love to see Bautista in the ring again. Actually, we would love a title reign for the former champ as well.

Looking at the past, we feel Bautista drew the short end of the stick. A return in the nearby future could give him the return he always wanted.

Could Dave Bautista Actually Return To A WWE Ring?

Dave Bautista

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEWWEVerified

Bautista left the WWE originally in 2010. However, he would return to the company three years later.

Dave Bautista would stay with the WWE until 2014. He then left the company again after his faction lost to The Shield.

Next, Bautista would have a hiatus from 2014 to 2018. His final match happened at WrestleMania one year later.

During an interview in 2020, Bautista admitted that his wrestling career was done. However, he did say his relationship with the WWE was far from over.

“I said that at WrestleMania last year it’s the end of my in-ring journey. But it’s not the end of my journey with the WWE.”

As mentioned before, I do not think Bautista will ever completely be done with WWE. After all, it is the platform that launched the rest of his career.

Much like John Cena, Dave Bautista has made a successful transition from wrestling to mainstream movies. And it does not seem like the wrestler has any lack of work.

Lashley on the other hand, is scheduled to defend his championship belt. In fact, he will be defending his title during the Backlash pay-per-view.

Bobby Lashley will be defending his title in a triple threat. So, to retain his title, he has the conquer Braun Strowman as well as Drew McIntyre.

Lashley has been a dominant champion so far, but can he withstand the former champion McIntyre? On top of that, he also has to deal with the Monster Among Men.

Backlash will certainly be an interesting pay-per-view to watch on May 17th. It will certainly show which champion will be featured in the summer.

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