Big AEW Star Threatened To Quit
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A big AEW star threatened to quit the company after missing a tag team title opportunity. And it looks like he is tired of being overlooked.

Big AEW Star Dax Harwood  Threatened To Quit

Big AEW Star Threatened To Quit

Source: Screenshot, YouTube AllEliteWrestlingVerified

Dax Harwood took to social media this week to voice his discontent. After being overlooked for a tag title match, the star threatened to quit.

It seems Harwood got upset when two singles wrestlers got a shot at the titles instead of a tag team. Of course, we are talking about Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston.

Moxley and Kingston will challenge for the titles at Double or Nothing. This explains the reaction of Harwood on social media.

Naturally, Harwood is not quitting. After all, Harwood is already booked for the event as well.

Harwood and Wheeler are now part of Pinnacle, a new faction. Once again, they face off against Chris Jericho’s faction.

It is alleged that Pinnacle will take on The Inner Circle during a Stadium Stampede match. If Jericho’s faction loses again, they will be forced to disband.

FTR captured the tag team titles in the past. However, they did not recapture the titles after losing them to the Young Bucks at Full Gear last year.

The tag team success of FTR is far from over though. But for now, they have their role to play in Pinnacle.

The Magic Of The Pinnacle


Source: Screenshot, YouTube AllEliteWrestlingVerified

Harwood and Wheeler have been a part of Pinnacle since it formation. And the stable has been really successful, especially after beating The Inner Circle.

Wheeler spoke about the faction at length during an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. He also spoke about the comparison between Pinnacle and The Four Horsemen.

“That’s why it worked so well. It wasn’t forced or brought up in a creative room by a bunch of guys who had no wrestling experience. It was four guys, plus JJ [Dillon] who all had something special separate, and it worked well together. Tully has given us the details on how it started. Seeing how little the plan was going in, and what it became, is unreal. I don’t think we’ll be ever to truly copy that and do it justice, but it is very flattering,”

“As a team and unit, for what we want to accomplish, it would be a huge disservice to us both. People have asked Flair, Arn, and Tully and they’ve given us their blessing. If we were better wrestlers or talkers, it doesn’t matter because that was a once in a lifetime group that can never be replicated,” Harwood added. “To try and replicate it, you’re going backward. That’s one thing we don’t want to do. That’s why we left our former employer because we don’t want to go backward, we want to go forward.”

And they definitely moved forward. If anything, the Pinnacle is one of the most talked about factions at the moment.

FTR struck gold moving away from WWE. So, it appears they made the right choice.