Batista Calls Out The WWE In Defense Of Former Women’s Champion Asuka

Batista calls out WWE over the treatment of former women's champion Asuka
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WWE veteran Batista has called out the company over its treatment of former women’s champion Asuka. With it, the legend comes to the defense of Asuka once more.

Batista Defends Former Women’s Champion Asuka

Batista calls out WWE for the treatment of former women's champion Asuka

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Batista has been quite vocal in his support of former women’s champion Asuka. He took to social media to call out WWE for her recent treatment.

On his Instagram account, Batista posted a clip of Asuka’s recent match. He pointed out the fact she lost in this non-title match.

In his post, Batista hinted that Asuka is currently used as a jobber. Needless to say, Batista is far from happy with the treatment she’s received.

“Seriously? Jobbing out Asuka?! [rolling eyes emoji] WTF?” 

Batista came to Asuka’s defence in the past too. Back in 2020, he called Asuka his hero.

“@WWEAsuka is my f**king hero!” 

Asuka still has to respond to Batista’s social media posts at the time of this article.

When you look at Asuka’s record, there are certainly some holes in her career. She was extremely successful in NXT, but her main roster record is spotty.

Main roster WWE seems to go hot and cold on the Japanese superstar. This happens in spite of her massive popularity among fans.

Of course, this does not stop legends such as Batista to come to her defense. We only hope this benefits Asuka for the rest of her career.

Asuka’s Spotty Record On The Main Roster


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Asuka has numerous titles to her name. These titles go far beyond the WWE.

Over the course of her career, Asuka gained titles from Osaka Joshi Pro Wrestling, Kuzu Pro, and many others. In the WWE, she has gained almost every accolade there is to win.

Most notably, Asuka had an undefeated streak in NXT that beat that of Goldberg.

Unfortunately, that came to an end very quickly once she made it to the main roster.

Asuka has been praised by many media channels outside the WWE. One of the most notable was Dave Meltzer.

In 2015, Meltzer stated that Asuka was the best worker in the WWE, man or woman. She was also named as the top Japanese pro wrestler in the PWI female top 50 in 2017.

There are more accolades Asuka obtained over the years. Another notable achievement is that she was the first woman to win several titles and events in the WWE.

Asuka has won the NXT, Raw, and SmackDown Women’s Championship. On top of that, she also won the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank.

For all these reasons and more, it baffles the mind that the WWE would put her in a jobber position at this point.

While it is not unusual for champions to lose matches, it seems to happen often to Asuka.

she should be considered as an A-list, much like Charlotte Flair. It is irresponsible of the WWE to make her lose a non-title match without any storyline.

It remains to be seen if WWE will stay on course with Asuka. For now, we hope they treat her the way she should.

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