AEW Close To Signing Star, Adam Pearce Gets Promoted

aew close to signing
source: custom, Daga Instagram screenshot

AEW is suppposedly close to signing a star, and it might crush the dreams of some WWE fans. Also, Adam Pearce gets promoted within WWE.

AEW Close To Signing Star

There’s word coming out that AEW is close to signing a star, and it may pop some bubbles.

Which star might AEW be close to signing?

AEW is said to be close to signing Tessa Blanchard.

aew close to signing

source: custom, Daga Instagram screenshot

Yes, the same Tessa Blanchard that had a cup of coffee in NXT. Also the same Tessa Blanchard that was top champion in IMPACT, before leaving in a cloud of controversy.

Blanchard has been flying under the radar of late. That low profile has helped things cool down, or so she hopes.

But here’s the thing…

On the last NXT show in April, a new promo aired for a new…something.

Whether it’s a faction or show remains to be seen…but WWE aired a segment featuring the Diamond Mine.

Fans across social media were debating who, or what, it could be. A lot of fans were placing bets that it would be Tessa Blanchard coming to NXT.

According to a recent rumor…she is not going to be making it to NXT.

According to SEScoops, Tessa Blanchard and new husband Daga have been speaking with AEW for over a month.

The report indicates that a deal for the pair is all but done.

Of course, in the world of pro wrestling, it’s not truly done until it’s done. So, it’s possible it isn’t done, and Blanchard is actually going to show up in NXT…

Until she shows up on AEW, of course.

Adam Pearce Gets Promoted

If you have been paying attention, you’d know that Adam Pearce has gotten a ton of work in WWE. Well, it’s going up again, as Adam Pearce gets promoted.

OK, you probably won’t notice on a weekly basis. His promotion is a legit job promotion, not just an on-screen one.

Adam Pearce got promoted to Director of Live Events.

adam pearce gets promoted

Source: custom, WWE Screenshot

So, what does that actually mean?

As has been rumored, this could be another strong indicator that WWE is making preparations to return to touring.

We’ve already been hearing that AEW aims to return to live shows by the summer. WWE is likely close, too.

So, such a move does make a ton of sense. More and more fans are vaccinated and able to safely socialize, and numbers in many areas are trending in the right direction.

As states ease restrictions, companies like WWE are surely eager to return to a vital part of their business-live shows in front of paying fans.

And, as Director of Live Events, those live events will be a big part of Adam Pearce’s new promotion.

It is a well-deserved promotion. As has been on display, Pearce has done a lot of  strong work of late.

You could argue that he has done exceptionally well for himself. His on screen role only expanded during the pandemic.

Now, his off screen role sees Adam Pearce get promoted too.