10 Ridiculous Incidents Wrestlers Had To Apologize For In WWE

10 Ridiculous Incidents WWE Wrestlers Have To Apologize For
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Since the foundation of the WWE, wrestlers had to apologize to other wrestlers for some ridiculous incidents. Today, we lined up the most ridiculous reasons.

Eating Chicken

10 ridiculous incidents WWE wrestlers had to apologize for

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One of the most ridiculous incidents WWE wrestlers had to apologize for is eating chicken. At least, this is what happened to The Miz.

When Miz was a rookie in the WWE, he did not have the best time in the locker room. Unfortunately, he decided to eat some chicken over a referee’s bag.

Chris Benoit found out about the incident and kicked Miz out of the locker room. As a result, he had to get changed in the bathroom.

The Undertaker eventually clocked onto the fact Miz was getting changed in the bathroom. After apologizing to the people involved, Miz could get changed in the locker room again.

Big Talker

Matt Striker

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

This is one of those ridiculous incidents among WWE wrestlers that is more common than you might think.

That’s right, Matt Striker got in hot water for talking too much!

In a past interview, Striker revealed he over talks when he is nervous. Unfortunately, he did this to JBL.

Striker was advised to apologize to JBL, Booker T, and The Undertaker. But he did not do this in the end.

Instead, he stood up to JBL and that was the end of that situation.

No Selling

10 ridiculous incidents WWE wrestlers had to apologize for

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This incident is one of the more serious in the wrestling business. So, while it still falls under one of the most ridiculous incidents WWE wrestlers had to apologize for, you can see why it happened.

During a match, Muhammad Hassan no-sold Sgt Slaughter. In fact, some would describe it as a squash match.

Hassan eventually got put before wrestling court. He later had to apologize and admit he was being arrogant. 

Hardy Boyz Luxury

WWE wrestlers who had to apologize for ridiculous incidents

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Even the Hardy Boyz did not escape our list. They got in trouble for being in first class.

Michael Hayes invited the brothers to sit in first class after winning their first titles in 1999. However, they took someone else’s seats!

The first class seat was meant to be for Kane. While he did not object to it, the rest of the roster thought otherwise. 

Matt and Jeff were asked to apologize to Kane and buy him dinner.

You have to love the wrestling business as a young pro wrestler!


Matt Hardy

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

Matt Hardy made our list of ridiculous incidents with WWE wrestlers twice now. This time, a play fight ended up rather poorly.

First, Matt Hardy accidently gave Eve Torres a black eye. She then responded by choking out Matt.

Matt Hardy found himself on the receiving end of locker room banter. Eve was also an interviewer at the time, so he had to apologize again for the black eye incident.

Needless to say, Matt Hardy thinks twice these days when any play fighting is going on.

Eve Torres probably won’t forget it anytime soon either!

Being On Your Phone

Zack Ryder

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

In 2009, social media was becoming increasingly more important. While sitting backstage, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins got out their phones during a Triple H match.

Wrestlers backstage were far from impressed, stating they should be watching the match instead. Obviously, this decision was made by none other than the locker room leader, The Undertaker.

After telling them off for being on their phones, Undertaker also demanded they apologize to Triple H and Kozlof. Unfortunately, the latter spoke very bad English so could not understand a word of it!

Zack Ryder would later recall the incident on his podcast.

Forgetting A Lift

Mick Foley

Source: Screenshot, YouTube PawnStars

Mick Foley is still a child at heart. This is noticeable by his love for Christmas and roller coasters.

Many years back, Foley convinced Hardcore Holly to drop off his rental car as he would give him a lift. Unfortunately, there was some confusion about the pickup point.

Foley believed they were meeting at the theme park. Holly on the other hand, believed they were meeting at the airport.

In the end, Hardcore Holly had to sort out his own transport and was understandably furious.

Mick Foley ended up apologizing for his terrible transportation gaffe.

Not Drinking

Dustin Rhodes

Source: Screenshot, YouTube InsideTheRopes

Dustin Rhodes once got in trouble for not drinking. The incident happened in a bar with Ron Simmons, The Undertaker, and JBL.

During this time, it was tradition for wrestlers to buy each other drinks. However, when Dustin got his shot, he threw it over his shoulder instead.

Rhodes eventually got banned from going to any bars or clubs until further notice.

He also had to apologize to the wrestlers in attendance.

At the end of the day, Dustin Rhodes does not drink. But it seems that was not considered by the wrestlers there either. 

Getting Friendly With Creative

Edge and Christian

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

Edge and Christian once got in trouble for being friendly with the creative team. Many of the older wrestlers had problems with new wrestlers buttering up the creative team.

When Edge and Christian came in, they did not know this. In fact, they befriended one of the lead writers and even gave him some action figures.

This didn’t go down well with Hardcore Holly and a bunch of other wrestlers. In the end, they got pulled into wrestlers court. 

Eventually, they had to buy some Jack Daniels for The Undertaker, protein powder for Holly, and even some beer for JBL. Of course, they also had to apologize.

Winning At Dodgeball

Losing at dodgeball wwe

Source: Screenshot, YouTube WWEVerified

This is probably one of the most ridiculous incidents WWE wrestlers had to apologize for. Diva Search hopefuls had to apologize for winning at dodgeball.

Diva Search hopefuls were playing existing WWE Divas. However, the hopefuls won and the Divas believed they were left looking stupid.

The entire thing eventually went to wrestling court and the young hopefuls had to apologize for winning. Talk about a ridiculous reason! 

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